Where in Duluth? The video.

This is an actual “Where in Duluth?” since I cannot tell exactly where it is. I have a couple of guesses but the PDD brain trust will know for sure, and I’m hoping you’ll have a little color or perspective to add, too.

This is exactly the kind of dangerous, unhealthy, mindless college prank that kids these days should probably be doing more of instead of being plugged into a screen or an IPod, or both.

“What we do for fun in Duluth.” (Possibly NSFW due to lot of F-Bombs)



Dave P

about 13 years ago

Tributary of Tischer Creek behind Stadium Apartments at UMD?

Dave P

about 13 years ago

P.S. If he really wants to claim title as the "F**ing Man" he should belly crawl a few blocks downstream just below Mount Royal where things are really moving this time of year. I'm just saying, he's set a pretty low bar in terms of college stupidity.

The Big E

about 13 years ago

Yeah, I'd go with Dave's ID as well.


about 13 years ago

Dave and Big E are correct.

Here's a picture of Stadium Apartments (as seen from the backside in the video):


A little bit of stalking on the UMD website also reveals that one Blayne Erie is a UMD student and lives in Stadium Apartments.


about 13 years ago

I figured it was probably behind UMD somewhere near the dorms but I did not know there was a "crick" back there.  Just when you think you know a place, you realize that you're just getting started.  I do love this town.


about 13 years ago

Ah, the joys of underage drinking on a dry campus.  I hope the RA didn't have her window open.


about 13 years ago

He'll get the beaver fever from splashing in there.


about 13 years ago

I dare him to do that in Amity Creek right now!


about 13 years ago

The one time I actually knew the location, but I've obviously been beat

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