June 2014 Posts

Duluth in Orion

This photo by Ian Kimmer is on page 8 of the current edition of Orion magazine.

Superior Public Library 125th Anniversary Video Contest

Help the Superior Public Library celebrate its quasiquicentennial! Produce a 30-second to 10-minute video that highlights the Superior Public Library. Prizes will be awarded for first, second and third place, as well as staff favorite. Submissions will be accepted Sept. 3 through Aug. 31.

Official Video: Trampled By Turtles, ‘Are You Behind The Shining Star?’

TBT music video for the new album ‘Wild Animals’ first single, “Are You Behind the Shining Star?”

Keene Creek Clean-up and Tree Planting

Starting in 2008, Good Sheet Company staff have taken a field day each year and gone out to plant trees.

Perfect Duluth Day Outdoor Summer Concert Primer 2014

With one of Duluth’s coldest and snowiest winters behind us, it’s time to warm up for summer music. Venues like Bayfront Festival Park and Big Top Chautauqua host major touring acts throughout summer, along with a number of smaller summer concert series put on by Lucius Woods Performing Arts Center, Summer (Mostly) Thursdays, and Chester Creek Concert Series. There will be more bands to see than time to see them. Here’s a look at some of the summer 2014 highlights.

June 14
Pert Near Sandstone
Big Top Chautauqua
Pert Near Sandstone kicks off the summer under the big top.

June 17
Charlie Parr
Chester Bowl Park
Bluesman Charlie Parr kicks off the Chester Creek Concert Series.

June 20-21
Lake Ave Live 2014
Lake Avenue Restaurant and Bar
Two nights of music under a big-top tent in the parking lot of the DeWitt-Seitz Marketplace in Canal Park, featuring Grrl Prty, the4ontheFloor and more.

Chester Park Graffiti?

Has anyone else seen the recent graffiti at the bottom of Chester Park. WDIO had a short feature on it. They “tagged” in the park and the neighborhood including houses and vehicles.

And what does 2.7.5. refer to? Searching the interwebs the top hit is the Twitter handle for @ink2flasyy the 21-year old Ontario man who flipped his car after tweeting about driving drunk. Google also tells me that it could refer to Blackland Raider Klan, an underground rap group started by SpaceGhostPurrp, down in Miami. That or they are big fans of the Python 2.7.5. release. Either way it isn’t cool once you start defacing neighborhoods.

I’ve never had an issue with some of Duluth graffiti havens but the side of an F-150 is not the same as the Graffiti Graveyard.

The Beach inside Glensheen

Chabas Painting in Glensheen

Seven Bridges Road

There are now survey stakes running through the woods along Seven Bridges Road between Bridge One and Bridge Two. A couple of huge old white pines have been marked with tape. Apparently they are in the way of the plan to move the road over.

This week: polka, herring and berserking


Here’s a sampling of what you have to look forward to this week on the PDD Calendar.

Chester Bowl Park kicks off its series of Tuesday outdoor concerts with the Chmielewski Funtime Band.

Sing! sings and celebrates 15 years at The Underground on Wednesday.

The Red Herring opens its doors on Thursday to kick off a weekend long grand opening.

The second annual Berserkon is where gamers and cosplayers can get their nerd on at the DECC Friday through Sunday.

Or you can polka until you can’t polka no more at the International Polka Fest this weekend at Black Bear Casino.

So what are you doing this week? Can we tag along? Any upcoming events that you want to promote? Let us know.

Benevolent God to Crayfish and Minnows of Lester River

Two crayfish, an alpha and a beta who was a little smaller.

Amanda and Rick and the new bike

Yesterday I saw this rain-soaked note clinging to the propane cage outside the Walgreen’s on Superior and 12th…

I thought it was odd enough to post on a well-known social media platform as a curiosity. Then Scott Lunt (aka Starfire) saw it and posted this version of the note he saw on 4th Street…

Even on rainy days Duluth still best outside city in country

Shot on and around Ely’s Peak with a cheap pocket camera and enhanced with stolen Cloud Cult music. Keep Duluth weird.

Oh, and vote in that thing if you want to. The numbers have been bizzaro, to the point where the mayor thought it might have been hacked …

Lakewalk Parking

I went down to the Lakewalk in Canal Park a few days ago after not being down there for a few years and was very disappointed. First realizing that there is a minimum $2 charge for parking. What person knows how long they will be gone? Going for a walk, run, etc or stopping to have a bite to eat, let the kids play. I paid my $2 and made it back to my car in time, but within 30 seconds of starting my car, I was informed by the meter maid, that my time was up. I even looked into other places where parking used to be free. Nope it’s all gone. I will never go down there again and am certainly passing the word around to look somewhere else for Duluth’s beauty.