Even on rainy days Duluth still best outside city in country

Shot on and around Ely’s Peak with a cheap pocket camera and enhanced with stolen Cloud Cult music. Keep Duluth weird.

Oh, and vote in that thing if you want to. The numbers have been bizzaro, to the point where the mayor thought it might have been hacked …

… but Outside magazine is calling it a vote-tracker malfunction that will be fixed, with the numbers corrected.



about 10 years ago

A little tidbit of information, clear the cookies from your browser and you can vote more than once. A common thing with online polls.


about 10 years ago

Duluth is greater yet when you can't even see it? How do you know it's still there? I don't think this voter fraud makes the poll more worthless than it already was, more than say the free prize in a box of crackerjacks. Unless of course it singlehandedly drives property values bat shit. If that's the game, then show me where to vote 100,000 times.  

"Hopefully Outdoor can find a way to make this right." That's some classic copy there, Don. Have you considered trying marijuana? It's okay for politicians to inhale now.

Paul Lundgren

about 10 years ago

Similar scene captured with greater skill by Travis Novitsky at Mt. Josephine -- 700 feet above the surface of Lake Superior.

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