Chester Park Graffiti?

Has anyone else seen the recent graffiti at the bottom of Chester Park. WDIO had a short feature on it. They “tagged” in the park and the neighborhood including houses and vehicles.

And what does 2.7.5. refer to? Searching the interwebs the top hit is the Twitter handle for @ink2flasyy the 21-year old Ontario man who flipped his car after tweeting about driving drunk. Google also tells me that it could refer to Blackland Raider Klan, an underground rap group started by SpaceGhostPurrp, down in Miami. That or they are big fans of the Python 2.7.5. release. Either way it isn’t cool once you start defacing neighborhoods.

I’ve never had an issue with some of Duluth graffiti havens but the side of an F-150 is not the same as the Graffiti Graveyard.



about 10 years ago

According to this: 
Rep Dhat by SpaceGhostPurrp, 2.7.5 is a possible reference to the Blackland Raider Klan which originates in Florida.


about 10 years ago

I'm guessing it's some loser kid who listens to rap and fantasizes about being cool enough to have someone write about his crappy tagging on  

Either that, or someone's pissed about Python issue #18676.


about 10 years ago

Probably Slender Man. Or someone from Chicago.

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