Beating it under the Ninth Street Bridge


Above is a photo from the old Ripsaw magazine showing the famous “Beat it” tag underneath the Ninth Street Bridge over Chester Creek. The tag is dated Oct. 1, 1992, and was reportedly painted over when the bridge was renovated in 2003.

Below is the updated tag, as it appears today. I don’t know how long it’s been there like this.

Beat it ... slap

The age-old question is: How did you do that? You are the one who did it, right? Why is the new tag backward?



about 7 years ago

I first saw the new tag when I moved here three years ago, so at least that long.

Jim Richardson

about 7 years ago

Forever. My theory is the tagger and a confederate used rock climbing gear, strung a rope under the bridge then hooked in. I always thought it was backwards to be cheeky. I also have always thought the "Slap!" may have been added by yet another climbing team.


about 7 years ago

Yup. A very light climber suspended with a heavier climber on a secondary rope strung over the pipe could pull the lighter climber (dangler) to the center of the bridge to do the tagging.

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