Graffiti Graveyard: Let us in!!!

As a graffiti artist, I feel the city should open up that desolate spot under the bridge again, so artists like myself don’t have to be in constant fear of our police department. I also believe that Duluth should have designated legal graffiti areas, like many other cities around the world. The reason we do what we do is because galleries won’t accept our work as “art.” They never even glance at the little guy. All we’re trying to do is make our mark on the world.



about 9 years ago

Graffiti from Houston TX


about 9 years ago

In all fairness, it is on restricted property (that I believe is state-owned), can be hazardous to get to, and people have been murdered there. Just sayin...


about 9 years ago

Get out of here with your logic, cat. This is the internet, there is no room for that nonsense here. 

That said, I do think a mural space for graffiti-style art would be a good alternative to the dark, damp and dangerous Graffiti Graveyard. The problem I see is that it seems like it would be difficult to prevent these murals from being, well, graffitied.

I will say that Midtowne Park could really use some colorful art.


about 9 years ago

Your mom has no room for that nonsense here! ;)

Yes, agreed that an open graffiti art location would be awesome for this city. Maybe there's an existing wall that is easier to access, or a local business that would like to add "flair" to their building?


about 9 years ago

Tread warily...


about 9 years ago

Agreed. Duluth needs more art in general around the outdoors. UMD has done an OK job.  Street art is amazing. Look at Denver for example.  Google it.


about 9 years ago

I would think everyone would win if local artists, the  city,  and businesses teamed up to add some street art around the area. It's an attraction for tourists in other cities. Doesn't just have to be spray paint work.   Are the downtown / "art district" alleys being  used for something better?

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