Benevolent God to Crayfish and Minnows of Lester River

Two crayfish, an alpha and a beta who was a little smaller. Off camera, the beta first acted curious about the feeding station but the alpha emerged with tail held high and the beta retreated. The alpha then investigated the camera, not captured on video sadly but s/he was at its side feeling it up with his/her claws and antennae. Then s/he went to get some food and this is the crayfish that we see first on camera.

After s/he left, the beta also investigated the camera and then fed at the station. You can see s/he’s a jumpy lil’ scamp. S/he takes a few steps toward the camera near the end but stops because the alpha was there investigating it again. The minnows are fatheads I think. Some kind of teeny mudskipper-looking thing passes by in the foreground @2:00. The bait was anchovies.

I first got the idea for this when I lost my camera in Lester last year, and in the 8 minutes it took me to find it, the footage showed a crayfish crawling up to it. So based on that experience I thought, a camera in Lester will capture crayfish within 8 minutes 100% of the time. This footage represents 30 minutes underwater so you also see changing light conditions.


banjo tom

about 8 years ago

The little guy at 2:00 is cute.  First research effort seems to suggest a baby White Sucker.

Jim Richardson

about 8 years ago

Thanks banjo tom!


about 8 years ago

This is pretty great :)  I can imagine this as a wonderful screen saver.  Thanks for sharing!

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