Keene Creek Clean-up and Tree Planting

Starting in 2008, Good Sheet Company staff have taken a field day each year and gone out to plant trees.

This year, we were particularly excited to not only team up with local business Bent Paddle Brewing and Involta but also to focus on a green space in our own backyard: Keene Creek. On June 1 a total of 24 volunteers spent almost four hours cleaning up 900 pounds (that’s right!) of garbage. We found shopping carts, a highchair, a sink and much more waste that certainly did not belong on the banks of a creek. A total of 20 trees were also planted and fenced.

We’d like to thank the city of Duluth for its imperative role in this year’s event by providing the tools for cleanup and planting. The city also coordinated the pick-up of all the garbage collected. All that made the planning of this event much easier for us, so thanks city!

And – of course we have to give a shout out to Bent Paddle Brewing for supplying the ever-so-tasty beverages after all the work was done.

We’re looking forward to next year’s event already … because we give a Sheet.

From: the folks at Loll Designs, Epicurean + Intectural (Good Sheet Companies)

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about 8 years ago

Not trying to be a debbie downer, because I truly appreciate any individual or group that cleans up trash, plants trees, improves our city, but is this the same group that planted the trees by the dog park on Grand Avenue ---- and then uprooted them a few days later and moved them?

I was so excited when I saw all the people working so hard to clean up that walkway and plant the trees, only to be slightly confused a couple days later when the trees (and fencing) I swear I watched being planted suddenly disappeared.  Was it a case of "ooops, wrong part of Keene Creek"?

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