November 2013 Posts

The Louie Show — Intro and Theme

The call went out a week ago, and now, here it is, the opening theme to The Louie Show. Thanks to Waferdog for passing along this essential archival VHS treasure from 1996.

There isn’t really any Duluth footage in the opening, other than the big “Duluth” sweatshirt Louie sports.

Goodbye, Woodland Jr.

Last chance to visit Woodland Middle School this weekend. Classic junior high 1980s memories of fashion issues and general awkwardness. And lots of “going out with people” started and ended often via notes.

Duluth News Tribune: Say goodbye to Duluth’s Woodland Middle School

“Christmas City” 45 for sale on eBay to support Bentleyville Tour of Lights

Security Jewelers is auctioning off a mint condition 45 of Merv Griffin’s “Christmas City,” the song recorded 50 years ago to promote the Christmas City of the North Parade. Check it out on eBay. The proceeds are being donated to Duluth’s Bentleyville Tour of Lights — America’s largest free, walk-through Christmas lighting display.

Amy and Dave Freeman’s Big Adventure

Amy and Dave Freeman of Grand Marais are among ten finalists for National Geographic’s Adventurers of the Year. The couple paddled, dogsledded, and hiked 11,647 miles across North America from April 22, 2010 to April 4, 2013.

Instead of work holiday party, seeking volunteering ideas

That awkward holiday work party — where no one really wants to go, but feels obligated. Well, we want to do something different this year and need ideas! Last year, instead of apps and drinks while milling about awkwardly, we got to do a blitz build with Habitat for Humanity. It was a blast, and it really brought us together, while helping a family in need. Do you have any ideas for this year? There would be roughly 16 of us, and we would want to be able to work together for the most part. We could take a half day to work, or even a couple hours. The tough thing would be to try to schedule this activity on a Monday-Friday, sometime around the holiday season. Any suggestions welcome!

Northern Lights Over Hawk Ridge


This past Sunday night the Northern Lights shown over Duluth. This photo was taken at about 2:30 a.m. from the Hawk Ridge Viewing Platform. Hawk Ridge is a great place for watching the Aurora Borealis as the viewing platform gives an unobstructed view of the northern and northeast skies over rolling hills with very few lights to ruin the experience.

Old Howard Mill and the (Possibly) Incendiary Howard Boys

Back in 2009, some folks on PDD wondered about the Old Howard Mill Road, where it went, and who the heck the Howards were. I just wrote an article that sheds some light on that subject, for your reading pleasure.

And here’s a photo of the Howard family marker at Forest Hill, with an annoying late afternoon shadow across it: 

Duluth Guitar Instructor Recommendations

My husband and I just moved to Duluth and want to start taking guitar lessons after the holidays. Our interests are rock, blues, and traditional country, both acoustic and electric. We took lessons for a little while a zillion years ago, but need to start over at the beginning. Proficiency in guitar is on our lifetime to-do lists, so we need to get going on that. Who do you recommend? Thanks.

Wanted: Urbanism blogging about Duluth

I’ve been a fan of this site, and your city, for many years. I’m also the “editor” (unpaid) of,  a website trying to start conversations about urban design and transportation issues in Minnesota cities. We need people from Duluth who might be willing to blog about things up there … things like new developments, freeways, Duluth skyways, bike lanes, how to cross Superior Street, the bus system, etc.

If you or anyone you know is interested, or if you have any ideas / hate mail, please e-mail me at blindeke @ is about two years old, and has grown to over 40,000 hits per month. We really want to include more of Minnesota’s urban areas, and Duluth is my personal favorite.

Thanks for your help and understanding, and may the Duluth Family Sauna always be a weird place straight out of Twin Peaks (c. 1991).

P.S. Here are some of my posts about Duluth, just to prove that I’ve been there before: Sidewalk of the Week: Canal Park, Duluth and Other City Sidewalks: Morgan Park, Duluth.

Hometown Boy Makes Good

Dylan Granted France’s Highest Award

Perfect Burger Restaurant: Anchor Bar

PDDPerfectBurgerRestaurantAwardLogoThere is no shortage of great burger joints in the Duluth area, but the undisputed king of them all for the past three decades has been the Anchor Bar. Among the other dozen nominees in Perfect Duluth Day’s poll, only the Fitger’s Brewhouse pulled a significant chunk of the vote. When the two went head to head, the Anchor took 61 percent, and the Brewhouse took 39.

Snazzy Winter-time Stationery

Perched on the scandalously beautiful hillside of Duluth – where winter can reign – this winter-time stationery was cooked up out of a love for the quirky side of life and the delight it brings. It also was designed and printed in our Zenith City and even features a design of our harbor, illustrated with pizazz by moi.

Help get Locally Laid at the Super Bowl

Locally Laid Egg Co. is one of the top four finalists in a nationwide contest to win a free commercial during the Super Bowl. (Vote here.)

National spotlight for Wrenshall egg farm?

Twelve Years a Slave

Does anybody else think that the local Marcus Theater movie selection blows?

I was really hoping to see Twelve Years a Slave on the big screen, and I was waiting patiently. Apparently it isn’t going to be shown in Duluth/Hermantown because we need Thor to be shown on seven screens instead, and because Jackass Grandpa needs to run for a month.

Did I just totally miss it or something? I at least hoped Zinema 2 would pick it up, but I haven’t seen it there either.

Hero in the Hallways: UMD senior Marie Havrilla’s story of service

Our veterans both fight wars and personal battles. Read about this UMD senior’s experiences saving lives in Afghanistan and battling PTSD back in the States.

UMD Statesman: “Hero in the Hallways