Stone-Arch Bridge and Haines Road open


The Stewart Creek Stone-Arch Bridge at Magney-Snively Natural Area (State Bridge Number L6007; built circa 1925) has been repaired from damage sustained during the Hideous Solstice Flood Calamity of 2012. The bridge had sustained significant flood damage and deterioration to the abutment walls, stone-arch underside, headwalls, wing walls, railing and guard stones. (We’re not sure when that sign was damaged or when it will be pulled upright.)


And hey, what’s that over on the eastern side of the bridge? Well, that’s the Snively Monument, which had been covered with brush and sediment long enough ago that most people had no idea it ever existed.


The monument was built in 1927. It has been restored, and the creek flows into the snappy reflecting pool.


In a related note, Haines Road has also reopened following flood damage. That is one weird drive — quite a different landscape from what it was before, but with the same horseshoe bend — and the second lane on the uphill side will take a lot of getting used to.

The “related” part is that the Superior Hiking Trail goes through there, too. There is a new parking lot that was totally needed. I’d never seen more than one car at the trailhead when parking was on the shoulder of the road, but there were 11 cars in the parking lot today.


The elaborate, expensive and perhaps unnecessary part is this SHT underpass. Haines was never really a tough road to find a gap in traffic on. Anyone healthy enough for a hilly wilderness hike could manage crossing the road with ease. But, as the first commenters on this post have noted, it makes sense to have it for snowmobilers, so I stand corrected.



about 11 years ago

I love what they have done at Stewart Creek and glad to see it finally open.

The underpass at Haines is much more about the snowmobile trail than hikers. We hikers (runners) just lucked out. If it was really about getting pedestrians and bikers through the area they could have gone with something much smaller, like they did up at Split Rock. 

The view down Haines/40th Ave W is pretty spectacular. I am a bit curious to know why there are two (three?) curb/driveway cutouts along the course of the road from Skyline to the railroad tracks. 

The sidewalk and wide shoulders will make this a much more "comfortable" commuting route than it has been in the past. At least on the days I run to, and from, work on this route.


about 11 years ago

I too was going to suggest that the snowmobile trail might have something to do with that underpass. Looks like the change was pretty big down there. Is there still space enough on the shoulder to park? I've parked along Haines at that spot to hike on either side of the trail dozens of times over the past few years, shame if that wasn't possible now.

Paul Lundgren

about 11 years ago

Ah, yes, I forgot about the snowmobile part. That makes sense. Haines Road would not be a great place to be sitting on a stalled snowmobile.

Rev, there is not room to park on the shoulder of Haines anymore. With the parking lot, there's really no need for parking on the shoulder ... except that when I was there the lot was full. We'll have to see as time goes on whether that was a fluke -- this being the first Sunday afternoon the road was open -- or if more people will be attracted to this access point on a regular basis.


about 11 years ago

D'oh! -1 for my reading comprehension. 

I imagine the parking lot should suffice under normal circumstances. Out of the many times I've parked there, I've only ever seen 2-3 other cars at most. Surprised it was that busy.

Paul Lundgren

about 10 years ago

An update on this:

The Preservation Alliance of Minnesota has selected the Stewart Creek Bridge and Snively Monument to receive a Minnesota Preservation Award. 

LHB was the engineer of record, Stark Preservation Planning was the historic consultant, and Northland Constructors and Hovland Masonry were contractors for the project.

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