Stewart Creek Stone-Arch Bridge Posts

On the Map: Stewart Creek Bridge

Karen Scullin of KMSP-TV Fox 9 in Minneapolis was in Duluth recently for a segment on the Stewart Creek Bridge in Duluth. The bridge is part of Skyline Parkway and passes over Stewart Creek in the Smithville neighborhood.

Stone-Arch Bridge and Haines Road open


The Stewart Creek Stone-Arch Bridge at Magney-Snively Natural Area (State Bridge Number L6007; built circa 1925) has been repaired from damage sustained during the Hideous Solstice Flood Calamity of 2012. The bridge had sustained significant flood damage and deterioration to the abutment walls, stone-arch underside, headwalls, wing walls, railing and guard stones. (We’re not sure when that sign was damaged or when it will be pulled upright.)

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