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Found: FitBit on 13th Avenue East leaving Movies in the Park

I found a FitBit on 13th Avenue East on the night of Friday, July 7. I was leaving Movies in the Park at Leif Erikson Park, and since someone had been parked there earlier, I suspect you were as well.

If you think it’s yours, post your email address in the comments here and I’ll send you an email. Tell me about it – model, color, band style, band size, etc. and its yours.

Post-flood swimming?

Like a lot of you, I’ve got the day off. The weather over the past few days has put swimming back on my to-do list, and I’m itching to toss the kids into the car and get into the water. Has anyone heard from those in the know whether area streams or lakes are safe for swimming? Our go-to spots are Amity Creek, Island Lake, Twin Ponds and Park Point, but we’re always looking to add new spots to that list.