Miss Dorothy Crawford’s Duluth Adventure

There’s a fun piece on the Glensheen Blog called “No Outdoor Sports Until it Warms Up to Zero.” It’s a 101-year-old letter from a Vassar College student named Dorothy Crawford, who traveled to Duluth to visit her classmate, Helen Congdon, and stayed at the Congdon mansion. She writes about the comforts of Glensheen, going to the bonspiel, going to a show at the Orpheum (now the NorShor), eating caviar sandwiches at the Hotel Spaulding, skating on the lake, etc., and concludes with a tobogganing party at Chester Bowl.

Tobogganing party which one of the men got up in our honor. We all met at a drug store below the park where the slide is and walked up from there a mile or more. The slides are at the same place as the ski jump … a little bowl on top of the hill above the city and surrounded by very steep hillsides. When I got to the top of the slide my heart almost stopped beating. I got on the toboggan, gritted my teeth, shut my eyes tight and tried to pretend that I liked it. It was like dropping from the twelfth story to the first in an elevator. Before we got through I was crazy about it.

By the way, Google has been kind enough to publish the 1911 Vassarian online, which shows Dorothy was the captain of the basketball team, and Helen Congdon was manager.



about 11 years ago

What a great letter.  In a few weeks, when it's cold and gray and I am feeling miserable, I'll read this again to remind myself how much fun winter can be here, even without the benefit now of wool petticoats and bloomers.


about 11 years ago

Thanks for posting, that was really fun to read. Now I'll send it on to my mother in Ohio, she'll enjoy it I'm sure. She toured Glensheen last summer.


about 11 years ago

Hey, I have a 1910 copy of some Duluth yearbook if any of you hard-core Duluthians want it.

Paul Lundgren

about 11 years ago

Piker, the yearbook you have is most likely Central High School's Zenith. East didn't exist then and Denfeld's first yearbook was published in 1913.

Cathedral High School could have had a yearbook then; I don't know.

Whatever it is, I'd take it off your hands.


about 11 years ago

Yeah, it's the Zenith! I'll contact you when I locate it within my house.

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