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Piano teacher has openings for new students

Openings for piano lessons for the 2017 school year and beyond! Email [email protected] or call 218-464-3287.

Experienced piano teacher bouncing with new ideas looking for students

the whole pianoI’m a piano teacher with more than 20 years experience teaching students of all ages and all abilities on the hunt for students! I spent last year getting an MA in Community Music in Ireland, and while that was happening I lost a lot of students (which makes me sad).

That MA is changing so much about the way that I approach my teaching and music making, I decided that I might as well present myself to the world as a brand new teacher, and to do that, I made a brand new website: emilymoepianostudio.com.

Was your great-aunt a milliner? Or grandmother? Or second cousin?

I’m working on an art and history project that tells the story of women milliners from our state’s past. Millinery was one of the only professions open to middle-class women for a very long time. I’m looking for your relative who made hats. Or rather, I’m looking for stories about your relative who made hats. Anytime from the 1890s until the 1950s. Please contact me if you’ve got a relative who was a milliner!

Cabin season approaching– Free ice packs?

We have a massive surplus of ice packs due to our subscription to Plated (highly recommended). Every week we get two “Nordic Ice” packs— they are made out of some starch that you can put down your drain in perfect safety and they seem to stay frozen for almost a week. I’m not kidding. I could throw them out, but cabin and fishing season is upon us and it seems that nobody ever has enough ice packs. Except for us.

I’m going to leave them in a box on the bottom step of our apartment at 517 E 6th St. Please pop by and pick up as many ice packs as you like.

It’s a Little Free Ice Pack Chest.

Instrument Repair

Where can I get a flute repaired?

Preferably not Schmitt. Please let there be another option.

Gift Guide?

Is there a gift guide out there for (very) small businesses to advertise in?

I don’t have much of a budget so I can’t buy into big fancy ones, but there must be something out there for the little guys. Help?

(This is not a ploy to get free advertising. It’s a real question.)

The Never-ending Duluth ISP Problem

Charter is getting nastier. I’m getting frustrated. In the vain hope that something has changed in the world of ISPs in Duluth, I did a web search from a link in a previous PDD post from a few years ago.

Surprise Surprise. Something has changed.

Does anybody have any experience dealing with Air Fiber? From their website they don’t seem to be as big of jerks as the other guys. And that they might actually give me what they say they will.


More sharing

Let’s get Lyft in Duluth!

Why doesn’t Duluth have a repeater of the Current?

Why doesn’t Duluth have a repeater of the Current? What would it take to get one?

Derelict Houses

We’ve got two derelict houses (on one lot) next door. According to our landlord, they are owned by the city. They have some interesting tenants: a flock of pigeons, a family of raccoons and the largest skunk I have ever seen. When that bad boy goes walking past my bedroom window … oof.

We would like to ask the city to raze the buildings and put in community garden space, but I’m really not sure who I should call to get this going. Any ideas?

Duluth Garbage Haulers

Who has the best garbage service in town?

Cookie delivery

With four colleges in this town, this seems a viable business idea.

Bike Share

Wouldn’t it be great if we had a bike share like the Cities?
Or like Nashville?

And/or car share like Chicago?

It seems like programs that a community association would be great at administering.

Sawmill Unpainted Furniture — what’s the deal?

I tried to go there over the weekend and even though it should have been open, it was closed with a “For Lease” sign. Internet searches have been unhelpful. Does anybody know what’s going on? I need a dining room table!

More happy hatting!

I’m about to start a new beginning millinery class. We’ll start on Monday, September 24 and go for 6 weeks. Class will be from 6-7:30. We’ll begin with felt, millinery felt, which is quite different from felted wool. Think fedora or cowboy hat. That material, but not (necessarily) that shape. Only softer.