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Internet Service Providers in Duluth

It seems like it’s been a while, so I’m going to hit it again. The Boy has moved to Duluth for college, and we’re looking to set him up with internet.

What is good and cheap in these days of streaming?

The hunt for a wireless provider in Duluth

We’re ready to ditch Dish and are looking to go wireless-only at our house (no cable package). Are there any good companies providing wireless (besides Clearwire) in Duluth these days?

The Never-ending Duluth ISP Problem

Charter is getting nastier. I’m getting frustrated. In the vain hope that something has changed in the world of ISPs in Duluth, I did a web search from a link in a previous PDD post from a few years ago.

Surprise Surprise. Something has changed.

Does anybody have any experience dealing with Air Fiber? From their website they don’t seem to be as big of jerks as the other guys. And that they might actually give me what they say they will.


Gripes about the cost of internet in Duluth/Superior

Well, it turns out the discounted internet I’ve been getting from Charter (for the past 10 years) came to an end. Unless you are a new customer or have the “triple pay” it costs like $58/mo. I don’t need 30mpbs, 10mpbs is fine for what I do … and would happily pay $30/mo for it.

Duluth Cable and Internet Providers

I’m trying to figure out costs for living in Duluth. I am wondering which cable and internet provider most people use there. I see there is Comcast and Charter, their prices look different but I am wondering if one of them is better than the other as far as customer service, functionality, etc.

Duluth Internet Service Providers

I’m moving and need to set up Internet service this week. I don’t want a cable T.V. package, just solid, locally-provided Internet service. I am a telecommuter, so add extra emphasis on “solid.” I am looking for recommendations with the minor caveat that the ISP must also exceed the customer “service” provided by the large chains. Thanks!

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