Duluth Cable and Internet Providers

I’m trying to figure out costs for living in Duluth. I am wondering which cable and internet provider most people use there. I see there is Comcast and Charter, their prices look different but I am wondering if one of them is better than the other as far as customer service, functionality, etc.


Paul Lundgren

about 9 years ago

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Duluth Internet Service Providers


about 9 years ago

Do not go with Charter, unless you are in an area that has Charter as the only reasonable option, or you're a masochist who likes paying lots of money to be frustrated.


about 9 years ago

I have Charter. It runs me $49.99/month. Here are my speeds. 



about 9 years ago

Oh, Spiritoradio...you put a match to my heart in reminding me of the digital divide between rural and urban...I live on rural South shore, where we only have Centurylink as an option...my numbers are: PING = 48ms, Download = 1.46 Mbps and Upload = 0.34 Mbps (no, I did not misplace those decimals). Sure glad I work in town at the university where real bandwidth exists!


about 9 years ago

I've had Charter for years with almost no problems. $35/month. Gotta fight for that $35 but you will win.


about 9 years ago

Gotta go with Starfire on this one. Out of all the options, Charter has the best combination of speed, reliability and customer service out of the group. 

But their customer service is the one thing that they are not very good at. Not that DirecTV or Comcast is a shining example of customer service excellence or anything.


about 9 years ago

We've had Charter for years with no problems. I don't know about other avenues of customer service, but if you go down to the office about something, you'll probably head home paying less per month and with a fast new piece of technology under your arm.

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