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East Superior Street

Could anyone tell me how the neighborhood is on East Superior Street near the Rose Garden?

Duluth Cable and Internet Providers

I’m trying to figure out costs for living in Duluth. I am wondering which cable and internet provider most people use there. I see there is Comcast and Charter, their prices look different but I am wondering if one of them is better than the other as far as customer service, functionality, etc.

Moving to Duluth, wondering about people and bad areas

I just accepted an engineering position in Duluth and I will be moving there from Grand Forks in the next few weeks. Can anyone tell me if there are many young professionals there around my age (26)? Also what are some areas I should avoid living in? I noticed a lot of the homes on the hill look pretty run down. What I would like is an apartment in the west side of town or on the hill. Other than that I enjoy the outdoors during all seasons so I think its a good fit there, just wondering about the people and areas.

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