The Never-ending Duluth ISP Problem

Charter is getting nastier. I’m getting frustrated. In the vain hope that something has changed in the world of ISPs in Duluth, I did a web search from a link in a previous PDD post from a few years ago.

Surprise Surprise. Something has changed.

Does anybody have any experience dealing with Air Fiber? From their website they don’t seem to be as big of jerks as the other guys. And that they might actually give me what they say they will.



Nicole Marie

about 9 years ago

I had Air Fiber for 2 years.  Not jerks.  Super fast.  Never down.


about 9 years ago

Coverage maps show it is only available "downtown" college/ mall/ lakeside areas are not covered.


about 9 years ago

I checked the coverage area before I asked the question. We are solidly in the middle of Central Hillside. Completely covered.


about 9 years ago

Note also that the west end is also covered. Not just downtown. For once there are advantages to living in these neighborhoods.


about 9 years ago

And "Not Jerks" is very high on my needs list right now.


about 9 years ago

I must be the anomaly because I have never had anything but good service from Charter. In fact our promotional price just ended and I was able to negotiate a new promotion in just minutes on the phone. Paying $5 more a month now but at $39/month I feel that is a fair price for how much we get out of it.


about 9 years ago

Customer service in the Cable/internet industry is always hit or miss.  I don't think you can honestly say that one company is much better than another, considering what most call center employees are paid. 

Best way to handle calls or interactions is to simply be as polite as possible and if you get someone who is a jerk, just let them go, then call back and speak to someone else.


about 9 years ago

Telephone Associates does dsl. Might be a little more pricy, but is local and you end up on a first name basis with the people you deal with.


about 9 years ago

I can say that Charter is a really good example of a bad business model.

Sure, it provides good service, but their timing is terrible. I suspect that it only works consistently for certain situations.

Perhaps the underlying problem is my concept of how networking should work. I dislike the perception of communication speed that people have, but more importantly I dislike how Charter operates, and I can't explain why. That bugs me. I feel like people are being used and abused but just love it right now, because it happens to be convenient.


about 9 years ago

How is Air Fiber on foggy/stormy days?

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