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Duluth Concrete Contractor Recommendations

I need someone to bust up and remove some sidewalk and then pour a new sidewalk/patio. This isn’t a massive project, but I don’t have the stomach for a DIY. Who can I call to trust to do good, fast work here in our fair city?

The hunt for a wireless provider in Duluth

We’re ready to ditch Dish and are looking to go wireless-only at our house (no cable package). Are there any good companies providing wireless (besides Clearwire) in Duluth these days?

Save the Old Globe Elevator

When I feel like some couch surfing, I watch Ax Men. When I’m smart, I listen to Wisconsin Public Radio. The two came together for me yesterday when I found out that the Old Globe Elevator in Superior is in trouble:

Save the Globe

I love the shipping history of Duluth/Superior, I love Ax Men, and I love the environment. That’s a triple threat that caused me to contribute. How about you? Is it worth it? Go to for more information.

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