Save the Old Globe Elevator

When I feel like some couch surfing, I watch Ax Men. When I’m smart, I listen to Wisconsin Public Radio. The two came together for me yesterday when I found out that the Old Globe Elevator in Superior is in trouble:

Save the Globe

I love the shipping history of Duluth/Superior, I love Ax Men, and I love the environment. That’s a triple threat that caused me to contribute. How about you? Is it worth it? Go to for more information.



about 8 years ago

How much is it worth to companies in our community that literally do that type of reclamation work? Is this an ad?


about 8 years ago

I'm not an advertiser; I simply think this is an interesting project and worth the support.


about 8 years ago

The Old Globe represents a complex problem.  You may have seen a couple of the reclaimed wall sections at Amsoil, where the wood literally has an erosion profile from the years of grain flowing against it.

It is a piece of history and deserves some respect, but the recession put a real damper on the reclamation effort and the owners are doing their best to hang in there until a market comes back or is created through other means.

Here are the options as I see them:

1. Reclamation is somehow able to continue and millions of board feet of trees are saved from harvest, history saved through story telling, vacant lot created.

2.  It is torn down and hauled to the landfill to decompose and send GHG's into the atmosphere, history lost, vacant lot created.

3.  It is torched by arsonists and sends a ton of Co2 into the atmosphere, history lost, vacant lot created.

4.  More public involvement and another viable option comes forward.

It is absolutely wonderful wood that in any other time would have great market value. The Globe at the moment is collateral damage from this country's obsession with greed.

Paul Lundgren

about 7 years ago

An update to this from Business North: 

A highly-publicized effort to salvage old-growth timber at the Globe Elevators in Superior was halted by the primary lender Monday after borrowers in the venture defaulted on their loan.

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