R.I.P. Clearwire in Twin Ports

I got this email last week.

It reads, in part:

As of 11/1/11, we no longer are selling new service plans in your Clearwire market. However, please know that your existing Clearwire service and device(s) will continue to work in the same great way that they have in the past. You’ll also continue to receive online and telephone support from Clearwire Customer Care whenever you need it.


Rick F

about 11 years ago

That's because they sucked!


about 11 years ago

Bailed last year. Liked the portability but just not fast enough.


about 11 years ago

I quit them over a year ago due to their signal dropping out all the time, more often than not when I had online posts to make or tests to take for my courses. I had taken a run to replace my modem up to the mall location only to find that it was long since abandoned, and yet the 'former' rep was still taking calls from his personal mobile number. When I called the 800 number for assistance, they claimed he'd not been an employee for quite some time.

It was always a drama finding the right location for the modem to receive an optimal signal, and I supposedly live within 2-3 of their 'best' signal areas. Once a tech came out to try to sort it all, not finding any decent signals (0-1-2 lights lit out of 5), and he wanted me to place/mount the modem in the corner of a window in my front porch, utilising a locked protective box his mate was making/selling. Yasureright.

For several months after I quit, they sent emails begging me to come back with all sorts of 'deals', but I'd long since had enough of their dramas, and ended up blocking them and their spam for good.


about 11 years ago

I'm reading this on Clearwire, I have always found their service to be more than adequate to my needs and the best price in town.

I hope that this situation changes.  I am uninterested in bundling anything, in having to have phone and/or cable and/or anything else.  I just wanted reliable internet.  Clearwire was that for me for the last three years and I hope long into the future.

Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

about 11 years ago

It's very unfortunate that Clearwire never unveiled their 4G WiMax service in Duluth.  It was far better than the 3G quality Legacy Broadband Network they offered in Duluth.  Although, Clearwire did set up a 4G Protection Site over in Cloquet.  Clearwire and Sprint customers with 4G devices can use that network with much better speeds than they CW ever had in Duluth.

But as most people know, now Clearwire is even abandoning their 4G WiMax network and will start transitioning to a 4G LTE Network, if they can ever get the funding.

Clearwire is a great business idea, very poorly executed.  They have been an awful business partner for Sprint.


about 11 years ago

Good riddance!  Clearwire was the biggest scam of a service I've ever seen.  Not only did it not work but they would straight up lie to you about it.

Service rep: "We don't throttle your service."
Me: "You're throttling it right now!  I can see it!"
Service rep: "We don't throttle your service."
Me: "I'm canceling my service."
Service rep: "You can't do that, we own your soul."
Me: "Watch me."

I sent their modem back and stopped paying them.  They never sent collections after me.  Maybe because I threatened to sue them every day for a month.


about 11 years ago

Goodbye and good riddance. I moved to the boonies recently and unquestionably far out of Clearwire's service (and I had one more year left on my contract with them) and they let me close my account with them. I get far better service out here in the middle of nowhere.


about 11 years ago

That was the trick for getting out of Clearwire contracts: call them up, tell them you were moving and give them a zip code outside of their service area.


about 11 years ago

I called to cancel my service in September, yet they "have no record" of me calling in. Now here it is December and they are trying to soak me for 60 bucks! I moved the first week of November and have not used Clearwire service since before that! I called again today to cancel (again) after dealing with their crap since 2005 I hope they get the message, cuz now I'm starting the e-mails and calls to fight back.


about 11 years ago

What are the Broadband WiFi alternatives on Park Point?


about 9 years ago

Well, Clear has been out of service in Duluth (or at least in the Hillside) for 44 hours now. Anyone else who still has Clear have service currently? Thinking this is the signal I need to switch.


about 9 years ago

Clear was installed with three bars in 2011. The rep said that should be fine as the tower was less than a mile away. Last year we were cutting branches from the tree to improve reception. This year we cut the tree down: no better. The best reception is when it is very foggy, second best when it is storming. It seems the signal bounces off the clouds/fog and down to the modem. All their towers were sold to Sprint to broaden their cell coverage so Clear is piggybacked off Sprint. I will be starting school in a few weeks. I need to switch to high-speed and Charter does not cut it. Any recommendations?

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