Cabin season approaching– Free ice packs?

We have a massive surplus of ice packs due to our subscription to Plated (highly recommended). Every week we get two “Nordic Ice” packs— they are made out of some starch that you can put down your drain in perfect safety and they seem to stay frozen for almost a week. I’m not kidding. I could throw them out, but cabin and fishing season is upon us and it seems that nobody ever has enough ice packs. Except for us.

I’m going to leave them in a box on the bottom step of our apartment at 517 E 6th St. Please pop by and pick up as many ice packs as you like.

It’s a Little Free Ice Pack Chest.



about 8 years ago

I'm more interested in Plated... How much does it end up costing you? Also, feel free to send a referral code to my email - I may check it out, so you should get credit.


about 8 years ago

We love Plated. My husband has discovered that he really likes to cook because of Plated. We pay from $60-$80 a week, depending on what we order. I couldn't turn down the cornish hen with morels this week, so it was $80ish. I love that I don't have to buy loads of a specialized ingredient that would surely sit around for far too long. I love that we aren't doing delivery as often: we are definitely eating healthier. I love, as a person in a one car family, that it shows up at my door and that I don't have to go chasing down ingredients. I love that we are cooking things that we would never have guessed at or put together. Like last night's mustard encrusted lamb chops with brown butter freekeh and roasted green beans.  And I really love that husband has discovered cooking. Wow that's great. 

There are a lot of boxes. Fortunately, the square size they send me are exactly the right size for hats. There are a lot of freezer packs-- but you really can squeeze them down the drain. The Minnesotan in me is repelled by such waste. It is a little expensive, but not really that much, especially when you think about the wasted ingredients you bought and won't use again. It would be cheaper to go back to our diet of noodles and olive oil, but that wasn't doing our nutrition all that much good.  The portion sizes are a bit small, but they're probably what we're supposed to be eating instead of the giant piles that we would eat given the chance. 

That's Plated. I love it. 

How do I get your email for the referral code?

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