More happy hatting!

I’m about to start a new beginning millinery class. We’ll start on Monday, September 24 and go for 6 weeks. Class will be from 6-7:30. We’ll begin with felt, millinery felt, which is quite different from felted wool. Think fedora or cowboy hat. That material, but not (necessarily) that shape. Only softer.

You will learn how to block a felt blank over antique-style hat blocks and then do a whole bunch of hand sewing. Some sewing skills are helpful but they aren’t necessary. All you need is the willingness to pick up a needle and thread and make them go. Classes will be $150 plus $56 in materials and will take place at Otlak Felt Studio on the 4th floor of the Dewitt Seitz building.

Dream of hats. I’ll help you make them. We’ve got bowlers, toppers, porkpies, homburgs, trilbies, hats with funny bumps, hats with little pleats, several varieties of cloche, and felt in a rainbow of colors.

Men are most certainly encouraged to register. I have a whole bunch of men’s hat blocks.

Class space is limited so register early!

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