Voter’s Cheese

For years, I’ve noticed this sign when I go to vote at Pilgrim Congregational Church.

I assumed Voter’s Cheese was some sort of event, like an ice cream social, only with cheese, so I always just turned left and went to vote. Today I turned right and found a small room with tables displaying nuts, rosette cookies, felted hats, houseplants, frozen meatloaves, and several kinds of cheese.

The story I got from the nice church lady who was presiding was that the church holds its annual bazaar the weekend before Election Day and then sells whatever’s left over to voters. She said they sell more cheese on Election Day than they do at the bazaar.



about 10 years ago

You would think people would be sick of cheese come election day.


about 10 years ago

I'm amazed no one has commented on the placement of the apostrophe.


about 10 years ago

How did we miss that???  Come on, people!

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