Where to buy We Accept the Challenge?

Does anybody know where I can buy a copy of “We Accept the Challenge” either new or used?


Paul Lundgren

about 11 years ago

I suppose not knowing this means I probably don't have the answer, but I'll ask anyway. Is We Accept the Challenge a book or DVD or CD or sex toy what?


about 11 years ago

Maybe figuring out what he's talking about is the challenge! Metaaa! Mind blown!


about 11 years ago

We Accept the Challenge is a booklet about Duluth's labor history. It is basically a condensed version of By the Ore Docks.

Paul Lundgren

about 11 years ago

We Accept the Challenge: A Guide to Duluth's Labor History 
By Erik Peterson and Richard Hudelson
Published as the AFL-CIO State Conference Guide, August, 2002

It's available for checkout at the Kathryn A. Martin Library at UMD. As for buying a copy, there's probably one in some antique store around town, but it truly would be a scavenger hunt. Hopefully someone pops in here who has a lead for you.


about 11 years ago

If I wanted to buy one, I'd contact the local Labor Body, first.

If that didn't work, I'd attempt to contact Dick Hudelson. (Scroll down for contact information.)

Erik Peterson can be contacted through UMD -- search the campus directory. He's the one who works for the Labor Education Service.

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