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There is a small woodworking club here in town that started last fall. It had a good amount of interest and we had a handful of meetings and demos over the winter. There was a hiatus over the summer and now it’s time to get things going again.

I’m looking to bring in some new faces and fresh ideas to keep things interesting and move the club forward. All ages and abilities are welcome. There will be opportunities to share ideas and projects and visit each other’s shops. There will be chances to teach and learn from each other and even collaborate on projects. Other possibilities include sharing tool or shops and resources.

There is a Google groups page setup to have discussions, and share your info, interests, specialties and meeting ideas.

We try to have monthly meetings with a topic and demonstrations. Some of last season’s topics were sharpening hand tools, double bevel marquetry, working with a shop CNC, and finishing, including a spray booth demo. Some of this year’s topic ideas might be picture frames, cabinet making, and various hand tool topics.

Please e-mail duluthwoodworkers @ hotmail.com if you’re interested.



about 9 years ago

I really want to learn how to carve wood with hand tools. I have no experience. Want to carve Green Man and other figures that honor wood. Glad you have been constellating a group of like minded folks, and look forward to meeting you.

Paul Schonfeld

about 9 years ago

Hi!  I tried emailing [email protected] but got an error message.  Is that the correct email address?


about 9 years ago

Oh my God! You're right, the e-mail was incorrect. It is actually duluthwoodworkers @ hotmail.com. I apologize for any confusion.  

We are looking at having our first winter meeting on the morning of Nov. 23. The topic is yet to be decided but we'll decide soon.

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