Glensheen Rap

Josiah Grover, a student guide at Glensheen Mansion and Museum, has released his “Glensheen Rap.”


Paul Lundgren

about 13 years ago

That's pretty sweet. Josiah should post the lyrics. The words are a little fuzzy at the beginning of the song.


about 13 years ago

(Here are Josiah's lyrics)
This one.. this one goes out to the people who gave us the opportunity to be where we are today...
This one goes out to the Congdons, representing Glensheen green.
First burst on the scene in the late 18s,
With Chester and Clara's true love and good marriage,
Back when personal travel was a horse and a carriage.
A shining example of a bride and a groom,
Started in St. Paul then hit Duluth with a Boom.
But wait, I gotten ahead of myself.
Let's change up the rhythm and turn the clock back on itself.
I'll take you to a place where it all began
To the state of New York

(Here comes the hook...)

Everybody knows the Congdons got the heat so, put your hands up if you think so
Everybody knows the Congdons got the heat so, put your hands up if you think so
Everybody here... So put your hands up if you really really think so.
Everybody knows... So put your hands up if ya.

Grueby Tile knows
Fumed White Oak knows...
Rookwood knows...
Gold Ceiling knows... So put your hands up, But don't touch nothing.

Chester A. Congdon was a fine young lad
Growing up in New York with his minister dad
But his dad passes away when he was only 14
So Chester worked on a farm to send home some green
To his family, a bread winner at that age, 
He worked hard on the farm and got good grades
And a scholarship to Syracuse University
From which he graduated Summa Cum-Laude
Right along side Clara Bannister
Whos father was a Methodist minister
From the state of California where Clara was raised
She was a super smart kid who got wicked good grades
So from across the country the two souls did meet
Both from modest beginnings that they were eager to beat
But when the parted ways after graduation
With Clara in Canada and Congdon in Wisconsin
So the children of preachers both became teachers
But the principal gig wasn't what Chester had pictured
So it was back to New York where our real saga begins
In a Syracuse law office as a lowly apprentice.

Everybody knows the Congdons got the heat, so put your hands up if you think so
The Docents know...
Steinway knows...
Quezal knows...

As an apprentice Chester worked hard
Read the law and passed the bar.
Proved himself on the streets of New York
Wrote to his lady Clara, "Now's our time to go far"
So they were married 7 years after grad
Moved to Minnesota, a year later he's a dad
11/5/82 Walter is born that day
To Minnesota's future ADA
A baby that would grow to fill his father's show.
Because mining-car plus leg does not equal two.
Next came Edward who made the ladies swoon.
A successful bank-man with a rugby attitude.
And then came some gals, Marjorie and Helen
Helen was the tomboy, Marjorie the felon.
No wait, wrong Marjorie. This stuff is confusing
Even after my two minutes of Internet perusing.
But the next Congdon child left the family hard hit
Baby John died due to fever of scarlet.
So it was time for a change, the next chapter of our story
Paradise by the lake, Iron Ore territory.

No you all know...
Henry Billson knows...
Henry Oliver knows...
Duluth knows...

Not long after the northern trek,
Came a new baby girl named Elisabeth.
She never did marry but adopted tow daughters,
One great lady, just don't ask us about the murders.
Finally cam Robert who rounded out the crew
Three boys, three girls plus Alfred the nephew.
And all the while Chester was paying the bills,
Practicing law and orchestrating land deals.
And with his riches he built a castle for his queen,
The shining jewel of the north, Welcome to Glensheen

Barrett Chase

about 13 years ago

It's really awesome, but I can't believe he didn't seize the opportunity to work in an N.W.A. reference and say "Straight Outta Congdon." Maybe that could be the name of the album or EP if there is one. Credit me, though.

Danny G

about 13 years ago

BAH HA HA HA HA HA!  The "Straight Outta Congdon" line just made me spit.

The gift shop at Glensheen ought to start selling "CONGDON" caps.  You know, black with the white lettering like Easy E (god rest his soul) used to wear.

Barrett Chase

about 13 years ago

I want one. I don't even wear caps but I want one.


about 13 years ago

I'd totally sport that cap.

Todd Gremmels

about 13 years ago

I think the hat should be shaped like a pillow, have a picture of a candelabra and an H for heat in the background like a blood stain. 

Just a thought.



about 13 years ago

i've never cultivated much of an appreciation for rap, but this is dang cool--especially getting to read through the lyrics--er...this guy's a UMD student, right? Thanks for the contribution to local culture! I'll buy that cap, too!


about 13 years ago

I need to have you on my show at KUMD. Send me an email. [email protected]


about 13 years ago

Great marketing tool! This is a brilliant mix of historical and current. Josiah has honored the Congdon family well.

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