Milk Prices

First of all, it’s a little ridiculous that milk costs different prices at different fat contents. This is not standard throughout the rest of the state (I do, however, find it quite humorous that most of us are willing to pay more for better tasting beer, but not better tasting milk). Does anyone know why 2% has been so much cheaper than other kinds of milk lately? Usually milk here gets progressively more expensive at higher fat contents, but the past few times I have gone grocery shopping 2% has been almost a dollar cheaper per gallon than even skim milk.



about 11 years ago

Remember when the Milk House convenience stores had a Milk Club? There is a very old thread here on PDD about it.

The first rule about Milk Club is you do not talk about Milk Club


about 11 years ago

Try to avoid sucking off the tit of a bovine cow if you can Tim, or any other animal for that matter. Not only is it weird, but this milk, like all beast milk is full of hormones intended only for babies. And since you're not a baby anymore, you should do your level best to avoid it.   Drink beer or whiskey instead.


about 11 years ago

Take me for instance. Instead of guzzling a suspiciously white puss-filled udder juice, I went skateboarding for about ten miles today past the Catholic church with my abdominals casting a shadow in the setting sun.  School girls were terrified, and I owe it all to not drinking beast milk.


about 11 years ago

I used to totally ponder this, as Calvin does, too.

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