Shorty’s Pizza & Smoked Meat

A new restaurant on Tower Avenue in Superior has been generating some new energy along a strip that is struggling through major road reconstruction.

Shorty’s Pizza & Smoked Meat has been well-received since opening last month, according to owner Brian Noel. The restaurant features its signature smoked meat, which has origins from Montreal and Quebec. Shorty’s also serves an exclusive New Orleans specialty frozen drink, made from a blend found only at the famous Jester Mardi Gras Daiquiris.


An interesting rumor making the rounds is that Noel hit the jackpot in the Canadian lottery.

“I had these guys in here the other day saying that I had won 20 million dollars and went to the Bahamas,” Noel says.

Noel confirmed, however, that he did indeed win a more modest sum, years ago.

“If I did win a million dollars then why would I be doing this [owning a restaurant]?” he explains.

A native of Ottawa, Canada, Noel has lived in Duluth for the past seven years. He wanted to bring something different and diverse to Superior. His hometown is the inspiration behind the menu and design of his restaurant, such as the homemade-style pizza which is patterned after a Lebanese recipe, an influence from the large Lebanese population in parts of Canada. There are also little flairs of Vegas-inspired objects throughout the bar, like the slot machines in the corner.

“I wanted to take the best of everything that I’ve tried in my life and put it into one place,” he says.


Shorty’s Pizza & Meats
1015 Tower Ave.
Superior WI 54880
Tel: 715-718-0889
Open at 11 a.m., seven days a week



about 6 years ago

Great place! As one who travels to Canada on business all the time, I can tell you that their smoked meat is the best this side of Moe's in Montreal!(Think pastrami but leaner and milder)

First time I have had poutine in the states. Good, but the cheese curds were huge as opposed to the traditional cheese curd crumbles found in the great white north. 

Everything is hand made on location, and the freshness is evident in the food. Try the home made desserts! They also bake on site as well!


about 6 years ago

Now if they only sold Montreal-style bagels, I'd be in heaven. I love them more than Brooklyn bagels.

Special K

about 6 years ago

Also: 100 oz. White Russians and Thanksgiving turkey balls with cranberry sauce?  Shut up and take my money!


about 6 years ago

The burgers are outstanding, the pizza is excellent, and the Turkey Balls (my inner 12 year old is giggling) are damn fantastic.

Am I going to eat there again? Oh Hell yes!!!

Jeffrey A. Koenen

about 6 years ago

Their smoked meat sandwich with the coleslaw and fried egg is next to perfection. Beer selection is solid. Drink selection and sizes are perfect. I will also commend the fact that they have a tableside device that you can use when you want to get a hold of a server when you need their assistance or want the check.


about 6 years ago

The menu sounds really good! My hubs loves smoked meat and pizza and I am excited to see a shrimp po boy on the menu, as far as I know, no restaurant around here does that.  Will be there soon!


about 6 years ago

So far Shorty's Pizza has been described as "great," "outstanding," "excellent," "the best," "fantastic," "solid," "perfect," and "next to perfection." I'm avoiding the place like the plague.


about 6 years ago

Nothing's that good. I think something's wrong with the customers.


about 6 years ago

And if you needed another reason to try this place out ... it has the only urinal operated video game system I have ever seen! (Sorry, ladies, it's in the men's room.)


about 6 years ago

I rest my case.


about 6 years ago

You had me at "urinal operated video game."


about 6 years ago

Can't go wrong with a place that has a sign "Bar Bakery." Great place. It's like a Perkins (only better food) with a bar!!!


about 6 years ago


John Farrell

about 6 years ago

Had a good Reuben there a couple weeks back. Excited to try the pizza.

Paul Lundgren

about 6 years ago

A little background on the building, courtesy of old Superior city directories:

Cohen Brothers grocery and meat market was there briefly at the end of the 1930s (Henry and Leonard Cohen, proprietors).

It was the Henry S. Blomberg V.F.W. Post 847 for about 50 years, until the building was gutted by fire on Jan. 2, 1993. That post has merged into the Thomas F. Stein V.F.W. Post 1091, which holds court at Ace's on 29th in Superior. 

From about 1995 to 2000 the renovated building at 1015 was Willie's Pub & Grub (Douglas Wells, proprietor).

From 2001 to 2006 it was CC Tap or Carignan's CC Tap (Chris Litchke and Earl Carignan, proprietors).

From 2008 to 2011 it was Lord Stanley's Sports Bar (Sean Storie, proprietor).

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