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A solution to the LPOE problem?

So, I haven’t read every post and comment related to the Last Place on Earth here on PDD, so maybe this connection has already been made, but hearing about voters in Washington and Colorado legalizing recreational marijuana use makes me think if they can do it out there, maybe we can do it here. Then maybe, just maybe, the LPOE wouldn’t have to sell the “legal alternatives” that seem to be way more harmful than the real stuff. Or do you think this would even make a difference? Would people still line up for incense and bath salts or whatever the heck it is they sell there, even if marijuana was legal?

For Sale: House in Woodland

Two-bedroom, one-bath, in the Woodland area. Please see our Craigslist post for more info.

New home for our sweet dog

We are looking to find a new home for our almost 6-year-old female dog, Billie. We got her at 8 weeks old from Animal Allies. We believe she is a black lab/border collie mix. She is a sweet girl, loves people (isn’t super keen on other dogs, however) and was a great trail-running and skijoring companion for me before I had my son and before I got a big-girl job. Since then, however, she does not get nearly the amount of attention or exercise she needs.