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Cross City Trail Master Plan

RCC LogoInterested in connecting the Lakewalk with the Munger Trail? Now is the time to give your thoughts on which route or combination of routes you like for the West Duluth segment. The city has four routes for you to comment on. Visit the Cross City Trail website and take the survey.

The Trails/Parks Committee of the River Corridor Coalition has videos of the entire river route broken into seven segments, along with an interactive map to help identify where the segments are. Visit to check it out. This is the lesser known route that is harder to find and understand, so be sure to check it out.

The city wants your input, so go to the survey and participate. This is a regionally significant trail connection, connecting two great state trails, the Munger Trail and Gitchi-Gami Trail. When all is complete you can go from Hinckley to the Canadian border.

Lake Superior & Mississippi Railroad will run in 2016

LSMRLake Superior & Mississippi Railroad, which recently made VacationIdea magazine’s list of the “25 Best Things to See & Do in Duluth, Minnesota,” has been notified that the U.S. Steel clean up on the St. Louis River won’t start until the fall of 2016. So rail tours along the shoreline will return next summer.

Come on out and volunteer. You will meet some great people while having fun along the St. Louis River!

Images of Spirit Mountain piping project on St. Louis River

More videos and images below and in the Google gallery linked here

Spirit Mountain’s piping project will draw water from the St. Louis River and pipe it to the lower chalet area where another pumping station will send it into the snow gun system. There are two pumping stations: one at the lower chalet area, the other right next to Tallas Island Bay on the Western Waterfront Trail in the Riverside neighborhood. That is the area these photos were taken.

Driver Pays the Price

Is it true that on a very cold winter day a bus driver was assaulted by a rider? The DTA #2 bus was running late due to I-35 South being closed and traffic running slow due to icy road conditions. A rider waiting for about an hour boarded the bus and allegedly grabbed a phone-like devise and began to beat the driver. The driver was buckled in his seat and thus defenseless so other riders came to his rescue. Did this really happen in Duluth? It’s great to see the customers stepping up and helping their driver. Did anyone witness this?

Rockridge Elementary Rezoning

The Rockridge Elementary school property’s proposed rezoning reminds me of the age-old phase “you sleep in the bed you made.” The school district knew from the get go what building zones the schools are in. It also knew the market has its ups and downs. We are now in a down cycle. Why didn’t the district’s budget include a more conservative estimate just in case the market went down?

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