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Save the Street Grid

Did anyone read the opinion column “Street grids a better option than subdivisions” in the Duluth News Tribune on Monday? The conflict between user groups and the city over the missing segment of the Cross City Trail from Irving Park to Munger Trail was avoidable. Had the city not abandoned the historic plats and in turn vacated rights of way (paper streets and utility easements), there would be a clear and defined route for the trail.

Duluth Cross City Trail 2020 Update: Segment 2 nearly complete

The River Route segment of Duluth’s Cross City Trail has been under construction this summer in West Duluth. It should be paved and ready for bicyclists in a matter of weeks.

Duluth Cross City Trail plan reveals new West Duluth route

Duluth-Cross-City-Trail-Mini-Master-PlanThe final draft of the Cross City Trail Mini-Master Plan was released today by Duluth’s Parks and Recreation Division. It outlines the vision for a 10.3-mile multi-purpose paved trail system that connects the Duluth Lakewalk with the Willard Munger State Trail. Much of the trail has already been constructed over the past five years.

The plan is the culmination of more than 12 years of planning and development work. The public entered the process in 2010, when maps of potential routes were released for feedback. Several controversial alternate routes through West Duluth were discussed in the ensuing years when certain right-of-ways became unavailable, but a new route similar to what was initially presented has emerged.

Pending approval of the plan by the Duluth City Council, construction will start on a major new segment called the “River Route,” which will run from the current western end of the Cross City Trail at Carlton Street, under the ore docks, across Interstate 35 and through the riverfront area. The new segment will end at Irving Park. Two proposed connecting trails would create a loop between Irving and the Munger Trail terminus that would include a section completed last summer on the DWP Trail.

Cross City Trail section on DWP line almost done

DWP trail paved

Last week the pavement went down on a new section of the Cross City Trail that runs on the former Duluth, Winnipeg, and Pacific Railroad line behind the Lake Superior Zoo — part of the DWP Trail. The paved section runs from Greene Street to the zoo, a distance of about one mile.

Cross City Trail Master Plan

RCC LogoInterested in connecting the Lakewalk with the Munger Trail? Now is the time to give your thoughts on which route or combination of routes you like for the West Duluth segment. The city has four routes for you to comment on. Visit the Cross City Trail website and take the survey.

The Trails/Parks Committee of the River Corridor Coalition has videos of the entire river route broken into seven segments, along with an interactive map to help identify where the segments are. Visit to check it out. This is the lesser known route that is harder to find and understand, so be sure to check it out.

The city wants your input, so go to the survey and participate. This is a regionally significant trail connection, connecting two great state trails, the Munger Trail and Gitchi-Gami Trail. When all is complete you can go from Hinckley to the Canadian border.

Cross City Trail — A photo tour of the proposed section from Clyde Park to the Lakewalk

In a Feb. 18 post the maps for the proposed Cross City Trail – which will connect the Munger Trail to the Lakewalk – were laid out, with photos showing the various route options for the westernmost section shown in the comments. A Feb. 28 post showed a photo tour of the middle section of the proposed trail.

In this post, the route options for connecting Clyde Park to the Duluth Lakewalk are shown. Here are the maps to follow along with:

29th Avenue West to 18th Avenue West
18th Avenue West to Mesaba Avenue
Mesaba Avenue to the Lakewalk

Cross City Trail: The Proposed Middle Segment

In a Feb. 18 post the maps for the proposed Cross City Trail — which will connect the Munger Trail to the Lakewalk — were laid out. In the comments I included photos of the various route options for the westernmost section.

The middle section of the trail — from Ramsey Street to Clyde Park — has only one option, so there’s not a lot to seek feedback on, but I thought I’d shoot some photos anyway.

This bridge is actually NOT part of the proposed trail; I just like that a tree is growing through it.

Cross City Trail in Duluth — Connecting the Munger Trail and Lakewalk at last

The links below are to PDF files of maps showing proposed routes for the Cross City Trail, connecting the Willard Munger State Trail with the Duluth Lakewalk.

Page 1 – 75th Avenue West to 66th Avenue West area
Page 2 – 66th Avenue West to Central Avenue area
Page 3 – Central Avenue to Ramsey Street area
Page 4 – Ramsey Street to 40th Avenue West area
Page 5 – 40th Avenue West to 29th Avenue West area
Page 6 – 29th Avenue West to 18th Avenue West area
Page 7 – 18th Avenue West to Mesaba Avenue area
Page 8 – Mesaba Avenue to the Lakewalk area