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Western Waterfront Trail will share corridor with excursion train

The Duluth News Tribune reports a plan has emerged to extend Duluth’s Western Waterfront Trail via a rail corridor, while maintaining a scenic train service that would continue to use the same route. The proposed future name of the trail is “Waabizheshikana” — pronounced: waa-bah-zhay-kuh-nuh — meaning “Marten way, path or road.”

Marshall-Wells Paint

Marshall-Wells Paint

OneRiverMN-Logo-FC-BadgeIt’s unclear whether someone brought this sign to the Western Waterfront Trail and propped it up for public display for some reason or if it was dredged out of the St. Louis River.

Images of Spirit Mountain piping project on St. Louis River

More videos and images below and in the Google gallery linked here

Spirit Mountain’s piping project will draw water from the St. Louis River and pipe it to the lower chalet area where another pumping station will send it into the snow gun system. There are two pumping stations: one at the lower chalet area, the other right next to Tallas Island Bay on the Western Waterfront Trail in the Riverside neighborhood. That is the area these photos were taken.

Big ol’ snapping turtle on Duluth’s Western Waterfront Trail

Here’s an opportunity for someone who knows a lot about turtles to show off and tell us all what specific kind of snapping turtle we are looking at here. It was spotted around 2:30 p.m. today lolling around by that nice little swampy nook just west of Indian Point Campground.

For sweeties or tweeties, head to the Western Waterfront Trail

Western Waterfront Trail runs along the St. Louis River

Not sure why I’m thinking this way, but if you’d like to impress your sweetie with your knowledge of Duluth’s cool places, plus get some exercise and check out spring, you can’t go wrong with a nice long walk on the Western Waterfront Trail. The St. Louis River is full of migrating birds, the trail is wide enough and dry enough for hand-holding, and it is so much more “perfect Duluth” than the tourist-lined Lakewalk.

Read more details, including directions to the seldom-used but way better eastern trailhead.