Duluth Album Releases in 2013 - Perfect Duluth Day

Duluth Album Releases in 2013

Breanne Marie
Six Strings of Peace & Sanity

(Jan. 1)
Available on Bandcamp
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Eric Swanson at Sacred Heart Studios

Duck Duck Punch
Human Chemistry

Truth No. (Jan. 15)
Available on Amazon

Dave Mehling
Broke Heart Songs (EP)

(Jan. 19)
Produced by Dave Mehling and Michael Morris; recorded at the Barn in Northfield

Retribution Gospel Choir

Chaperone Records (Jan. 22)
Two long songs, tracked live, playing together in the same room, one take each

Charlie Parr

(Jan. 25)
Recorded at Winona Arts Center; engineered and mastered by Tom Herbers at Third Ear Studios

Rachael Kilgour
Whistleblower’s Manifesto: Songs for a New Revolution EP

Bandcamp download (Feb. 19)
Recorded at Humans Win! with Lance Conrad

Lion or Gazelle
There’s Blood in Fire

Chaperone Records (Unknown)

Cars & Trucks
Theatre Stardusk

(March 9)


Chaperone Records (March 12)

Next of Kin
Out West


The Invisible Way

Sub Pop Records (March 19)
Produced by Jeff Tweedy, engineered by Tom Schick, recorded at the Loft in Chicago

Two Beat Band
Two Beat Band EP

(March 25)

Various Artists
Homegrown Rawk and/or Roll: Jerree Small’s Mix

(April 3)
Compilation released by Homegrown Music Fest

Poetry Motel
Don’t Know Shit

(April 10)
Recorded and edited by Bill Bailey; edited and mastered by Dana Bailey

Nuts of a Warrior EP

(April 12)

Tim Kaiser
Microphone Obscura

Released on cassette, with snappy packaging to impress the other kids

The Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank
Number One Contender

(April 19)
Recorded by Rich Mattson at Sparta Sound in Sparta, Minn.

Christoph Bruhn
Weekends on the Frontier

Aquanaut Media (April 20)
Available on Bandcamp
Recorded at Sacred Heart Studio; engineered by Eric Swanson

Germaine Gemberling

Chaperone Records (April 23)
Recorded at Sparta Sound, produced by Rich Mattson, mastered by Tom Herbers

Pale in Comparison - Poorly RecordedPale in Comparison
Poorly Recorded

Available on Bandcamp
(May 4)

Fever Dream

Chaperone Records (May 14)
Recorded by Jake Larson at Eden Studios; mastered by Sean Elmquist at Chaperone Studios

Black River Revue
Garbage Pickin’


Music Resource Center
Spring 2013 CD Sampler

A compilation of songs written and recorded by students of Duluth’s MRC program

Hand by Hand

Produced by Alan Sparhawk, recorded at Sacred Heart Studios

Moors and McCumber
Against The Grain

(June 1)
Co-produced and recorded by Jim Gilmour at Southview Arts in Middle Town Springs, Vt.

Hard Feelings

Plan-it-X/Starcleaner/Lost Cat Records (June 16)
Recorded by Matt Castore at A Harder Commune studio in St. Paul; mastered by Andy Mathison

Strictly Hammers and the Horror
Strictly Horror Picture Show

(July 3)
Experimental album mixed by Nick Pawlenty, featuring Strictly Hammers and the Horror

The Getarounds
Live EP

(July 17)
Recorded live at Beaner’s Central Concert Coffeehouse in West Duluth

Jack Campbell

(July 27)

The Electric Witch
… So We Burn

(July 30)

Lorenzo’s Tractor
Sunless Port

(Aug. 9)
Engineered, produced, mixed and mastered by Lorenzo’s Tractor at 5 Miles From Nowhere.

Tim Kaiser
Giganto Destructo EP

Released as a pocket CDR, because TK rolls that way

If Thousands

(Aug. 20)
Recorded by Jake Larson; featuring special guests Marc Gartman, Jeff Hall and Andy Kadlec

Dirty Knobs
The Drone and the Use of Drone

Zero Music (Sept. 4)
Two-track EP improvised and recorded live in studio

Various Artists

(Sept. 7)


(Sept. 13)
Produced by Max Lewis and Robert Cox; mastered by Huntley Miller

Broken Wing’s Grace
Good Morning Stars

Bouncing Hammer Entertainment (Sept. 26)

Steven James and the Revival
The Foundation

(Sept. 27)

Charlie Parr
I Dreamed I Saw Paul Bunyan Last Night

Chaperone Records (Oct. 1)
Companion album to the movie Meeting Charlie Parr

Teague Alexy
A Gentleman Named Actionslave

Consider it Correspondence (Oct. 1)

Ryan Van Slooten
Victory March


Preston-Gunderson-Getting-GoodPreston Gunderson
Getting Good at Starting Over
Kingsworld Records (Oct. 24)
Available on Bandcamp

Solomon Witherspoon

Ultimasongs Records (Nov. 8 )

Trampled by Turtles
Live at First Avenue

(Nov. 12)
Recorded live at First Avenue in April 2013 over three concerts

Marcus Loren Matthews

Kilhippie Global Publishing (Nov. 18)
Recorded by Marcus Loren Matthews at Bingham Spiderweb Museum and his mom’s house.

Various Artists
Christmas by the Lake VII

Lundeen Productions (Nov. 21)
Features 26 songs by Duluth-area musicians, including Mark Rubin and the Maxi Childs Trio

The Farsights
The Farsights

(Nov. 22)
Recorded and mixed by Rich Mattson at Sparta Sound, mastered by Jake Larson

Dirty Knobs

Zero Music (Nov. 21)
Subtitled “Soundtrack to a Film that Hasn’t Been Made Based on a Novel that Hasn’t Been Written”

Saint Anyway
Live in Duluth

SA Records (Nov. 27)
Recorded live at Beaner’s Central by Jason Wussow

Actual Wolf
Actual Wolf

Chaperone Records (Nov. 29)
Produced by Alan Sparhawk and mixed by Erik Koskinen


(Nov. 29)
Limited-edition split 7-inch record featuring Low’s cover of Rihanna’s “Stay”

Various Artists
Minnesota Beatle Project, Volume 5

Vega Productions and the Current (Dec. 3)
Sampler of Minnesota artists, including the Denfeld High School Jazz Band and Actual Wolf

Red Mountain
Scowl Lightly

Chaperone Records (Dec. 10)

Charlie Parr
Live at the Brewhouse

(Dec. 18)
Features unreleased songs from the 2006 Backslider shows

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about 11 years ago

Sacred Heart continues to be busy.

4 on the floor tracked their new record here in October and it will probably be released around April.

Snobarn starts in the studio next month.

DSSO concertmaster Erin Aldridge is scheduled for a massive violin recording in September.

There is more in the works, updates when available


about 11 years ago

For my retro-nerd fanbase (yes, both of you) I hope to have Microphone Obscura available in time for Homegrown. Oh yeah I forgot- it's on cassette.


about 11 years ago

Cool post, Paul! Let it be noted that the new RGC record is available on LP (w/CD) and CD (digipak) at the Electric Fetus, Double Dutch and chaperonerecords.com. Check out the Pitchfork review.

Southwire's self-titled debut, is so close to completion, it's ridiculous ... with plenty of anticipatory buzz from down south.

Barrett Chase

about 11 years ago

Cloud Cult's Love comes out March 5, if Cloud Cult still counts as Duluth.


about 11 years ago

The Cars & Trucks release show is scheduled for March 9th at RT Quinlan's with Story Of The Sea (mpls.) and Bradical Boombox. The album should be available in stores the following Tuesday.


about 11 years ago

Also Duck Duck Punch, may be considered local, or not, depending on how strict the filtering is. Human Chemistry was released ~ the 16th

Paul Lundgren

about 11 years ago

Yes, when these lists come up there are always things that are debatable as to whether they qualify as "Duluth" or not.

I would say the first Cloud Cult album (Who Killed Puck?, from 2000) obviously qualifies as a local album, since Craig Minowa lived in Duluth at the time. Subsequent releases don't quite fit the local criteria in my mind, though.

Dave Mehling no longer lives in Duluth and didn't record in Duluth, but he's a Duluth homeboy and plays here all time, so I included his new album.

So the criteria is totally subjective.

I'm leaning toward calling the Duck Duck Punch album local even though the guys don't live here anymore. It's their first album, they started the band in Duluth, they are having a release party in Duluth, and I'll bet they fully intend to play Homegrown. That should probably be enough Duluth cred.


about 11 years ago

Local acoustic act De Se (Ben of Wyatt Famous, Hootenannies, Punch the Driver, Sports!, Books on Tape, YCHYCWNA, Voyages, Ty Cobb, etc.) has been working on his self-titled debut album with Brian Ring (Lion or Gazelle, Chaperone Records), which should be out by Homegrown. You can hear some demos at on SoundCloud.


about 11 years ago

Paul basically outlined the loose criteria Homegrown uses to determine "local" bands.


about 11 years ago

I think I have like, three full lengths that I've been sittin' on.
One of 'em is for rapper Nonfic.

Anyone wanna get in the booth before Homegrown?


about 10 years ago

'Weekends on the Frontier'

Recorded at Sacred Heart
Engineered by Eric Swanson
Artwork by Grant Ertl
Released by Aquanaut Media

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