Wildlife Rehab Report, 2012

We report the numbers of animals rehabilitated to the state every year at Wildwoods Rehab.

Wildlife breakdown for 2012:

Bald eagles: 15
Other raptors: 29
Waterbirds and fish-eating birds, including loons, grebes, coots, swans,ducks, geese, bitterns, pelicans, seagulls, kingfishers, and herons: 79
Other native birds (mostly passerines): 123
Non-native birds: 42
Turtles: 9
Snakes: 1
Amphibians: 1
White-tail deer: 11
Eastern cottontails and snowshoe hares: 47
Bears: 3
Bats: 6
Raccoons: 42
Squirrels (red, grey, and flying): 62
Voles and mice: 5
Woodchucks: 3
Chipmunks: 5
Fox (red and grey): 6
Bobcats: 2
Coyote: 1

Remember, if you have an animal in need, call us, or join us with Duluth Community Education this Thursday for a three-part class on Living with Wildlife.



about 11 years ago

You do such a great job!  Thank you for taking care of our animals.


about 11 years ago

Wildwoods is such an asset. Someday I hope you get a medal or a huge pile of money or both.

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