October 2011 Posts

Duluth’s Halloween Megastorm of 1991

For those who are too young to remember and/or didn’t live around here 20 years ago, Duluth experienced one of the craziest blizzards in history in 1991. The Halloween Megastorm was part of, or at least coincided with, what became known as The Perfect Storm, “a nor’easter that absorbed Hurricane Grace and ultimately evolved into a small hurricane late in its life cycle.”

Chester Bowl Historical Photos

So, the brouhaha over the ski jumps reminded me about this project – some historical photos from Chester Bowl.

Halloween 1911: The Quietest in History?

From the Duluth News Tribune, 100 years ago.

Chester Bowl ski-jump dismantling?

Taking my early morning walk, I saw bulldozers taking down at least part of the ski jumps at Chester Bowl Park. My first thought was, “Oh no!” — I love that Duluth sorta thumbs its nose at risk-management concerns.

Does anyone have the skinny???

Tim Riley and the Marriage Amendment

An interesting article in today’s Duluth News Tribune about the at-large city council race race. This Tim Riley is a piece of work. He’s apparently a one-issue candidate.

“Riley said he was motivated to run by a desire to make the Duluth City Council more approachable and welcoming to concerned citizens.

He also has strong views on social issues.

“Some people don’t much want to talk about it, but I support the marriage amendment, and that’s an important issue which is sure to be addressed between now and the 2012 election,” he said. “Our very existence depends on preserving the relationship between man and woman and the institution of marriage.”

How welcoming.

The Old Brewhouse Bar

Anyone have any photos of the Brewhouse’s bar before it got remodeled into its current state? No better reason than that my nostalgia is flaring up.

This week: All Souls Night, dueling pianos, Loup-Garou, and more

Monday, Oct. 31
It’s Halloween and if you’re not too burned out from being all undead and partying from the weekend, there are still some great events going on tonight. It’s the last night for the William A. Irvin Haunted Ship before the ghosts leave port. In Hermantown, there’s a Haunted Garage and down the hill Whole Foods Co-op is hosting a Halloween party. Lastly, Big Wave Dave and the Ripples are putting on a Halloween show at the Rex and there will be a Dueling Pianos Halloween show at Greysolon.

Wednesday, Nov. 2
It’s All Soul’s Night with a big celebration at the Depot.

Friday, Nov. 4
Two Texans, Tom Freund and Jess Klein, take the Amazing Grace stage. Also, Portage and Wisconsin Built join Loup-Garou for a show at Luce.

Saturday, Nov. 5
It’s a music and art show at “2104” with Minneapolis band Painted Saints and Duluth artist Jason Huntzinger.

There are always new events being added to the Calendar, so keep checking back.

Radio WAKX 1320: The Twin Ports’ pace-setting leader

Via Bob Halverson, here’s another old Duluth radio jingle.

WAKX 1320

Hey, someone had to lead at setting the pace.

Related link: Bob’s initial post about local jingles.

Ennyman on Surfacing

Ennyman’s Blog explains local artists Emily Herb and Tonya Borgeson, who will exhibit works in the category of “surfacing” this week at Pizza Luce. I learn about art every time I check this blog.

Jalapeno Express: Fast Mexican food in Downtown Duluth!

(Click the menu to see it in a larger, more readable format.)

Jalapeno Express has finally opened downtown in the space where Maya Mexican (and Grapevine Cafe, and Taj India, and Mr. Nick’s) used to be. My husband and I caught them in the middle of their “soft” opening and partook of a couple of burritos. Due to some confusion while we were ordering, we ended up with some extra food. I’m pleased to say that Duluth now officially has a legitimate answer to Chipotle. The chicken was good, the carnitas was good, and the al Pastor was terrific as well. We added some awesome cheese dip, chips and a rice drink called “horchata” (which was suggested by the staff). I work nearby, and I think I’ll be hitting them up for quick Mexican at least once or twice per week!

Creative Ideas for Old Downtown Issues

I would love to hear any creative ideas or solutions to the safety, crime, loitering issues that are growing in Old Downtown.

Rediscovering the Art of Neighboring

Building Blocks

Is anybody else doing this? Very cool that it’s happening in Duluth. I took the plunge and met my “scary” neighbors, and it turned out they weren’t so scary after all

Smooth Sailing on I-35

popping-champagne-corkThis just in from the Minnesota Dept. of Transportation:

All lanes of I-35 in Duluth open to traffic
I-35 Mega Project substantially finished

DULUTH, Minn. – All Interstate 35 lanes and ramps in Duluth are open to traffic now that crews have completed the majority of work on the I-35 Mega Project.

Alternative view on drugs

Voting Yes

Voting Yes for the Parks Referendum seems the best use of my vote. I spent years on the Parks & Recreation Commission. Budget cuts reduced staff so badly we had more Commissioners than Parks & Rec employees! Voting yes protects our nearly 12,000 acres of parkland and our libraries from future budget cuts.

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