Rediscovering the Art of Neighboring

Building Blocks

Is anybody else doing this? Very cool that it’s happening in Duluth. I took the plunge and met my “scary” neighbors, and it turned out they weren’t so scary after all



about 13 years ago

"And our communities become places that draw others to God."

Um, no.

Your Neighbor

about 13 years ago

It seems to be in vogue in Duluth to cut down people of faith.

This Building Blocks group was started by a group of pastors. 

I think it is a wonderful idea to get to know your neighbor.

So many people feel isolated and have know idea of where or who to turn to when they hit hard times.

Jesus said, you shall love your neighbor as yourself.

If our country is going to survive we need to start looking at each other as neighbors and not enemies.

I bet the religion-haters are listening to politicians and other zealots who only think they are religious, but who spout hateful ideas. They know a different God than I know. Sometimes I want to scream at the television or the radio...that's the opposite of what I learned in church....

I can only assume that a lot of people had a negative experience with religion and I think it is very sad that whenever a person expresses his or her own faith he or she is cut down and told to be quiet.

What's wrong with getting to know God?

I feel sorry for people who went to hateful churches as children, or who have encountered a hateful person spouting religion.  

God is love.
Love your neighbor as yourself.


about 13 years ago

Neighbors are fine. Faith is fine. God is fiction.


about 13 years ago

Actually this project is about getting Christians to follow what Jesus taught about neighbors than it is about any kind of proselytizing.  Many of you have heard the story of the  "Good Samaritan," a tale about compassion, but a deeper reading and study of the parable reveals a scandalous, radical message in there about loving people who are very different from you - even your enemies, even people you may consider dirty, immoral or just plain "icky."  So don't try to read to much into, the campaign really is pretty much just about neighboring.  And if there is any subversive Christian message in it, it is that Christians need to change how they are living and break down the walls, judgements and pretenses that are dividing them from the world.  

My pastor is one of the people who launched this campaign and he has a series of messages on it that you can listen to (or laugh at, depending on your perspective).  Here's a link. Look for the ones that say Building Bridges to Heal Our World.


about 13 years ago

Regardless of any religious affiliations, can't we just like this idea?  I think it's great that this kind of thing is going on, and I'm an athiest.  Religious or non religious, meeting your neighbors can be fun.


about 13 years ago

Wow talk about "Hate speech" lol you all are a bunch of hypocrites!!!


about 13 years ago

Yup, the intent is good.  The religion is off-putting for some, I suppose.

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