October 2011 Posts

Red Maple Segregation

Looking north on 61st Ave. W.

Duluth’s old Mathisen Tire Co.

Here’s another photo from the Cliff’s Barber Shop Collection. It’s from the spring or early summer of 1962, and the location is 400 E. Superior St. in Duluth. (PDD all-star points go to the person who can explain what this parade is all about. It might be the Fourth of July, but that’s totally a guess on my part.)

This week: Halloween parties, Chinese dancers, Murs, and more

There are a lot of great Halloween events going on all week. If you’re looking for something to do with the kids, the Glensheen Jack O’ Lantern Spooktacular starts on Thursday and continues until Sunday. On Friday, the Superior Public Library hosts Wizard of Oz Trick or Treating and there’s also a Family Halloween Carnival at Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College in Superior. The Hartley Nature Center will put on Howl-o-ween on Saturday and The Great Lakes Aquarium will host Scarium at the Aquarium on Sunday.

For the older trick or treaters, the fun kicks off on Thursday with UMD’s Zombie Fest which will feature professors talking about all things zombie. On Friday, Black Bear Casino Resort hosts The Booo-bie Bash featuring a Van Halen cover band. There’s a lot of options on Saturday night with Nightclub of the Living Dead at Grandma’s Sports Garden, a Halloween Dance Party at the Teatro, and a Haunted Hangar on the Hill party up at the airport.

What do you think?

In Duluth, synthetic pot users get high and don’t hide it

Found: Orange cat on Park Point

Found: Young, male orange cat, 12th Street and Lake Avenue, Park Point. 218-260-9922

Found: Large brown and black dog

Found: A large brown and black dog, wandering Duluth’s Central Hillside.

Call 727-6298 to describe and identify.

Absolutely Perfect Duluth Day.

How did you spend yours? What was the best part of your day?

Cool Vintage Stage

Hi everyone! I am looking for a old-school vintage stage in the Duluth area. The NorShor Theatre is out and so is the Armory because they are both undergoing construction. Are there any other stages in the Duluth, Superior or North Shore area that someone may know about that have an old-school vibe?

Legacy Arts Funding to Vikings Stadium?

I have three thoughts as I read the below.

1. Aargh to the idea that arts funds would go to this cause.
2. Aargh to the robohelp aspect of the way they want you to contact your legislator, even if you don’t know who they are.
3. Aargh, just in general.

How about you? –db

Choreographer Morgan Thorson and Duluth band Low – “Heaven”

There’s a bunch of background in a previous post, “Low reaches for ‘Heaven’ with dance.”

From the venerable Onion newspaper

There’s also “Bears Somehow Proud Of Selves For Beating Vikings.”

Get Ready to Ruuuumble

So, one of the possible redistricting plans has Michelle Bachmann and Chip Cravaack squaring off against one another in what would become the new District 6.

Bachmann vs. Cravaack?

Too Graphic for a College Newspaper?

A student I work with was solicited to write a story for a local college newspaper.  The student has a reputation for his dark writing style, but has been recognized as an outstanding author and actor.  The paper did not print the following story, as they said it was too graphic.  Thoughts or comments?:

Lake Shore Driving:  Headless on the North Shore
by Frank Black

Jamie’s got his head in his hands, having just hacked it off with the cordless reciprocal saw Annie ordered for him off the internet the night she overdosed and stopped breathing-and blood came out her ears.  This made Jamie very sad, so he cut off his head-and now it’s in his hands-and he’s watching and pondering curiously at how his scabby, haggard heart continues to pump random arcing spurts of thick blood out the ragged, chunky stump of what’s left of his neck-and thinks he should’ve thought this through a bit more, which is an odd thought to think when your decapitated head is resting in your hands.

Woot: “Pet Food” by Emily from Duluth

Duluth artist Emily Kuznia has another one of her quirky/cool designs in the Woot Shirt Derby for Oct. 20. That means you can order one of these puppies anytime today and they are only 10 bucks. If enough people order … here’s where I get foggy … Emily will win some kind of awesome prize or accolades. So Nettleton-Central-Hillsiders-Duluthians and anyone else who may have some tie to Emily please take a look and get yourself a shirt. Oh and if you don’t have a tie why not just do it to give a cool young artist a leg up?

Pet Food Emily Kuznia Emily Kuznia is the award-winning author of Man's Best Friend or Man's Greatest Meal: cooking with your pets.

Christmas is just around the corner and these will make great stocking stuffers for just ten bucks (free shipping).

Survival of the Funnest is another one of Emily’s Woot Shirt designs that I blogged about last December.

UPDATE: 11/4/11

Here’s another one, she’s on a roll, I guess. “I’m here to the Rescue .. uh … Never Trust a Princess”

"I'm here to the rescue .. uh ... never trust a princess"  Woot Shirt

"I'm here to the rescue .. uh ... never trust a princess"

Damn you La Niña! What do I do now?

According to the Duluth News Tribune, and pretty much every other website I’ve seen, it’s gonna be a cold one this winter. My question is… How do I get out and enjoy it without spending any cash? I’ve thought about buying snowshoes or ice skates, but even a good pair of those would set me back. Does anybody know of any nooks or crannies in this area that would make for some enjoyable winter exploring?