Red Maple Segregation

Looking north on 61st Ave. W.



about 11 years ago

This fall's foliage is the best ever!!!


about 11 years ago

Noticed a similar scene in the 56th Ave W vicinity (somewhere near there at least.... wasn't paying strict attention to street signs). Striking.


about 11 years ago

There are similar streets all around Dull-uth. Heaps in the east/Congdon neighborhoods, as well as selected streets in Chester Park and *deep breath of horror*, out West. Sometimes it's as if they're NS streets, or EW. All I know is, the year before I moved here (1991) they ripped out all of the oaks and others due to fear of some disease, and replaced my whole block's trees with ash or some sort that the dreaded caterpillar/Mothra invasion loves and chows down on, as well as some other off-season-turn-black-wilt-and-die disease sorta shit. Way to go city of Dull-uth. Nice investment.

But, they're city-owned and maintained (like every 10 years that I've noticed) boulevard trees, so we're not to care if they get some shitty disease in our 'hood yo!, infecting our shit with their tree/shrub STDs.


about 11 years ago

We've got that maple segregation thing going in our neighborhood, and it's so pretty.  This is the prettiest autumn I remember in the last 20 years or so.  Gorgeous.


about 11 years ago

I wonder when our city planners will figure out that putting a bunch of the same trees on the same road is only a recipe for disaster.

The proximity of so many of the same species of tree is what makes transmission of the diseases so easy. If we had a variety of trees strategically placed on streets around our city, it would slow the spread of diseases and would prevent us from having to cut down every single tree on the block if a disease does spread.

Instead, we put a bunch of the same trees in a row. C'mon, this is bush league.

Get it? Bush?


about 11 years ago

I can't possibly imagine that a landscape architect would have specified that. I can see a civil engineer possibly specifying that. What I can easily imagine is a bunch of contractors getting a bunch of trees delivered "that all look the same" and plugging them into the ground first-off-the-truck/first-in-the-ground style.

Yes, the trees themselves are pretty. The lopsided (and disease prone) composition of the streetscape is horrid.

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