Absolutely Perfect Duluth Day.

How did you spend yours? What was the best part of your day?



about 8 years ago

Mountain bike ride at Lester Park (my those are sweet trails!); attended a workshop by a local business owner, with a side purchase of her yarn; walk up to the co-op to get some groceries and soon, dinner out at a  diner that focuses on using locally produced foods.

Sun Dog

about 8 years ago

I went to the Farmers Market on East 3rd Street and 14th Avenue East.

Bought some pasties, Miel Honey, carrots, tomatoes and carrots. 

It was fun to connect with friends!


about 8 years ago

Worked on some homework and cleaned the apartment, then sat on the deck looking at the lake.  Enjoyed the sun, and the companionship. 


about 8 years ago

I attended the Occupation Party at the People's Power Plaza this afternoon. Good people rallying around a good cause. It was inspiring.


about 8 years ago

I had a slice of Luce by the lake. Browsed Electric Fetus. Took a walk around canal park. Got a new tattoo. Now enjoying company and a beverage! Truly a perfect Duluth day.


about 8 years ago

Took a hike at Hartley with my husband this morning.  It was a gorgeous day and Hartley was a great place to spend part of it.

By the way, we've lived here for 8 months now and have loved every day.  Some days, like today, are just a little better than others.


about 8 years ago

I pushed my baby around the driveway in his big red car.


about 8 years ago

Made a run to Goodwill with my daughter this morning with the windows down, then headed to UMD for tailgating fun and a great Homecoming game.  Go 'Dogs!

The only thing greater than this perfect Duluth day was the perfect Duluth evening, when the smell of fall leaves was augmented with the smell of a nearby bonfire.  I've heard you can live other places, but I'm not sure why you would.


about 8 years ago

Volunteered at Bentleyville and plugged in huge strings of lights while watching iron workers reassemble the giant tree - then walked back to apartment and hopped on the bike for a nice buzz out of 60th.

These days always inspire me too love this place a little bit more. Thanks Lake and thanks Duluth.


about 8 years ago

Walked from my Central Hillside home up to Skyline, then out to Chester, and eventually popped out by CSS.  In the woods I saw hermit thrushes, a pileated woodpecker, and a brown creeper.  Came home and let my kitties lounge in the enclosed porch for the rest of the afternoon while I cooked down some tomato sauce with tomatoes and garlic from my garden.


about 8 years ago

Watched the bulldog football team give a royal butt whooping!


about 8 years ago

Farmers market - kale, wild rice and pasties. Four grandkids to the park for climbing, swinging, sliding and twirling. Movie at Zinema.


about 8 years ago

Occupation party: wish lanterns and Southwire. Perfect, indeed.

Lane R. Ellis

about 8 years ago

Ran a great 20-miles of hilly trails in Chester, Bagley, Hartley, Vermillion Road, onto the Superior Hiking Trail over to Lester Park and back on a perfect cloudless day.

Derek Montgomery

about 8 years ago

Had my heart broken by the Wisconsin Badgers.


about 8 years ago

Went to the Bulldog game and then down to the Occupy Duluth thing and heard a few speakers and the opening of the Declaration of Independence read.  SkatRadioh was making very cool tshirts with a logo he came up with.  Watched a City Council member speak and few others.  It is like the early 1960s when people were standing up for Free Speech on the college campuses.


about 8 years ago

Forgot to mention, when I went to the Occupation Party, I walked through Chester Park to get there -- and had a lot of company! I hadn't walked through it for about 10 days, when it was peak foliage, but yesterday was still glorious. I think the foliage in Duluth this year was the most magnificent I've ever seen it in the 17 years I've lived here.


about 8 years ago

Made a new garden in the backyard and filled it with tulip and daffodil bulbs.  All this with a shared growler of Castle Danger pale ale.

Wes Scott

about 8 years ago

The theme of all of these posts are they are sustainable and lasting. Real quality of life. Nobody mentioned consumerism or silly material things. Like I bought a big LCD at Best Buy.

This is why I love Duluth, people get it. And there is no place like Duluth. 

I do not live here -- I'm across the border -- but I know a quality city when I see one, and have gone to Duluth for 30 years on a regular basis to enjoy that quality.


about 8 years ago

Made some headway in the boy's room ... priming, painting. Next up: rockets!

Hansi Johnson

about 8 years ago

I see a lot of great reasons to vote YES on the Parks and Library Ref coming up in November.... to keep all of this sustainable!

Hot Shot

about 8 years ago

Spent some time studying at UMD, then checked out the Occupy rally. 
From there, a pint at Carmody, a PBR Mimosa at Luce and then hopped on stage at RT's for a rousing set with Aaron Gall and the Likely Story. 
More focus on the evening.


about 8 years ago

Biked the Munger to Ely's Peak, hiked to the top, admired the view.  Then, since the sun was still up, went down and relaxed on the sand for a bit.  Later that evening had some heavy hors d'ouvres and wine at Lake Ave. Cafe and afterward strolled to the pier and enjoyed listening to the drunken hordes.


about 8 years ago

I had a raging gingivitis gum infection due to years of no dental insurance. I swished a lot of medicinal whiskey and watched TV. I am the 99%.

Nick L

about 8 years ago

I watched my son's soccer team win its semifinal then championship games at Arlington.  Took his two sisters to climb rocks and the tower at Enger during the hour-long warmups before game 1.  Ran with dog around Observation Hill before game 2.  (Dog was leashed, licensed and picked up after, Your Honer.)


about 8 years ago

Note all the posts here where people went to our spacious parks and enjoyed nature.  Duluth is a city within a forest.  That is one of the things that makes it unique and an attractive place to live.  Please, please, please never let that change!


about 8 years ago

Geocached with the bf and his dtr in Cloquet and Carlton, hiked a little bit of Jay Cooke, pigged out on a crock pot pork roast meal and capped off the evening with a few games of bowling.  Note to self, next time bowl before eating a huge meal.  All in all it was the perfect day.


about 8 years ago

I went to the Occupy Duluth rally and read a portion of the Declaration of Independence.

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