May 2011 Posts

Free Youth Design Workshop

This Saturday the Duluth Art Institute and the Southern St Louis County 4H program are teaming up to bring Jeff Johnson to town. Jeff is founder of Spunk Design Machine based in Minneapolis and New York and he is giving a free workshop on design for youth grades 5-12.

Saturday, June 4
1 – 3:30pm
Duluth Art Institute Depot
Call to register: 218-733-7562

Plantin’ Trees (seedlings) is good

Chester Bowl and Amity Creek got another helping hand from employees of Loll Designs, Epicurean Cutting Surfaces, and Intectural last Thursday.

The West Duluth companies completed an annual tree planting initiative on May 26, their fourth year breaking out the shovels and getting their hands dirty. Nearly 2,500 trees were planted in two locations; a tree sparse area in the upper part of Chester Creek Park in the city of Duluth was planted with a mix of evergreen and hardwood species, and for the second year in a row a fallow field was planted with white spruce in the Amity Creek area in East Duluth. 15 employees participated in this year’s event.

Duluth Internet Service Providers

I’m moving and need to set up Internet service this week. I don’t want a cable T.V. package, just solid, locally-provided Internet service. I am a telecommuter, so add extra emphasis on “solid.” I am looking for recommendations with the minor caveat that the ISP must also exceed the customer “service” provided by the large chains. Thanks!

Last Day to Vote for a Winner!

Today is the last day to vote for the UMD community orchard in the Edy’s Fruit Bar’s contest described in this post. We are in the top 5 in the nation and on course to win a 50-tree planting paid for by Edy’s. The fruit from these trees will become a community asset and distributed free to appropriate venues. The orchard is part of the UMD Sustainable Agriculture Project, which serves as an education venue and civic resource.

Here’s the link to register and to vote for our project. I’ve been voting all month and haven’t gotten any spam from the company.

How often do you get a chance to vote for a good thing that you know is going to win? Today’s your last chance!

Sick of the fog? Here’s a wildflower that L-U-V-s that fog!

Okay, it’s another foggy day in Duluth. While you plumb the depths of your commitment to this fine town, while you wonder if the weather here is worth the sacrifice you’ve made in career advancement, take heart from the example of the lowly Mertensia paniculata, a flower for which every foggy day is a perfect day.

And if you’re the type that longs for western landscapes, for the slopes of the Cascades or the northern Rockies, this same flower gives you a psychic link to those lovely places. Like you, it lives here in Duluth, but it’s got serious western roots.

There’s lots more about the Tall Lungwort/Northern Bluebell, Mertensia paniculata, on my blog.

Your tax dollars at work

Sing! poster

Sing! A Women’s Chorus with Sowah Mensah Wednesday, June 1, 7:00pm UMD Weber Music Hall $5.00

Haiti Worthy Cause Concert

Haiti Worthy Cause Concert – Music! Storytelling! Food! Free! Donations accepted!
June 5 @ 3 p.m. – Chester Park United Methodist Church – 819 N 18th Ave E – 724-4969

Lost Keys Near Chester Bowl?

Is there anybody (or do you know anybody) who lost car keys near Chester Bowl in the last day or two? If so, some kind soul has hung them by their lanyard at the Kent Rd. end of the retaining wall fence along the road through the bowl. Been there since yesterday (Friday). Cheers.


What were the names of the people that formed the first Bob Dylan tribute band in Duluth, and where did they play? I suppose year would be good, too.

Where in Duluth?

Hint: it’s somewhere near Canal Park

Where in Duluth?

What was your favorite “Beer on the Tracks” moment?

Wild times on the train to Two Harbors, with a 90-minute delay on the return that is sure to become legend in Dylan Fest annals.

$363,142 Questions

I was at Cub Foods tonight, bagging up my groceries, when I spotted the ATM at the Wells Fargo branch and decided to withdraw some cash. As I waited for the transaction to go through, I glanced at a stray ATM receipt sitting atop the machine. And boy, was it more interesting than I expected:

A withdrawal from a checking account with a balance of $363,142.39!!!

A Winter Downpour w/ Hybridge + Br’er Wolf tomorrow @ TPB

Lots of good shows going on tomorrow … we got one too. If you’re looking to check out some newer bands in the area come over to Thirsty Pagan Brewing in Superior for a free show.

More info on:
A Winter Downpour
Br’er Wolf

Hope to see you there!

Poor Howard Friday at Lake Avenue Cafe!

Come on down to Lake Avenue Cafe on Friday, May 27, and check out Poor Howard’s mind-bending rock and roll. The show is $3, open to ages 21+, and there are drink specials available for those who practice thrift.