May 2011 Posts

Beer Festival in Lutsen

Hey beer lovers,

Hopped Up Caribou Beer Festival is happening in Lutsen this summer on the weekend of July 9. If you’re interested in regional beers, meeting the brew masters, good food and live entertainment, has more info. Tickets are 25 bucks.

New Phone Help!

For the past 10-ish years I’ve had nothing to do with landlines and been strictly with Verizon and its growing nationwide dominance. I’ve been hesitant to bow to the smartphone revolution, but I think it’s about time to make the switch. Mostly because upgrading to a non-smartphone leaves me with little options for stepping up to something better than I have now.

Anyway, I’m curious about all the little places opening that seem to pop up and cater to upgrading and whatnot. Verizon proper vs. Big Blue Worst Buy Satellite Mall location, the little shops in strip malls … what’s the difference, and who’s got the better deals? Does it matter? Is there anywhere I should avoid? Help me out people!

If you are here because you heard about us on MPR, say “hi!”

This morning around 7:00 am, as I was getting my regular morning fix of MPR News and Cathy Wurzer, I was surprised to hear that Perfect Duluth Day was one of the sponsors. When did we get all respectable? Anyway, thanks to whoever instigated that. I think MPR is a great media resource and I’m glad we’re a part of supporting it.

PDD Gravatar Poll, Second Bracket

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Neighborhood Revitalization Plan Reviews

In 2007 and 2008, after an extensive public process, the At Home in Duluth Collaborative created Neighborhood Plans for each of Duluth’s five core neighborhoods. This year we will be reviewing and updating these plans. Two meetings will be held in each neighborhood. Your voice counts!

Bands for Pride

Duluth Superior Pride is doing something different this year — taking submissions and suggestions for the festival. Please submit interest with contact info, a description of what you do, and a sample. We are gonna do something interactive and fill four slots at Bayfront Park on Saturday, Sept 3. Send to twinportspride @

Ridiculous Amount of Graffiti in Duluth

Is it just me, or is there an insane amount of vandalism in Duluth this spring? It seems like everywhere I go there’s a bunch of random scribbles on everything. I’m even seeing it on the sides of people’s houses! I went for a walk down in the ol’ Canal Park this morning, the first time this year since the thaw, only to be pretty disappointed by what I found.

Jeff Anderson announces run for Congress

Where in Duluth?

All right, folks, ready for another round? Where is this? Bonus points if you know what it is!

Big Strong Men @ the Fetus!

Come to the Electric Fetus on Friday at 5 to see Minneapolis band the Big Strong Men play some unique rock & roll! It’s free and open to the public. Be sure to check out our Bob Dylan stuff (on sale for 20% off) while you’re at it.

Nerd Nite #9

Friday Night – At Sara’s Table

This Friday Night on the deck at Chester Creek Cafe 6PM

Bear in Duluth’s Lakeside neighborhood

I saw a bear today on the lake side of London Road. It ran toward the lake and downtown direction. I am interested if anyone saw the bear between 51st Avenue East and downtown — it’s a youngish-looking bear.

Another Side of Duluth Does Dylan

The third Duluth Does Dylan album will be released on Friday, May 27. The release party is at Rex Bar.

All profit from Friday’s door at the Rex will be donated to the Norshor Theatre renovation, and CD profits will go to the Bob Dylan Way Cultural Pathway effort. Show tickets are available at the Electric Fetus and the Fitger’s Beer Store — $8 in advance, $10 at the door.

Porcupine Feasting at Jay Cooke State Park

This video was shot by Mark “Sparky” Stensaas on May 3 for his blog, the Photonaturalist. Local porcupines have moved out of places like the West Duluth Porcupine Hotel and are giving up their diet of tree bark in favor of the more scrumptious catkins of Pussy Willows. Sparky’s specific post on this is called “Porcupine Spring Snack.”