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Restaurants not honoring advertised prices

Twice in the past week I have gone to local Duluth restaurants due to specials I have seen posted on their websites or on Twin Ports Nightlife only to be told once I got to the restaurant that they were no longer honoring that price. When I explained that I specifically made the trip to that restaurant to get the advertised special, servers at both places have acted annoyed and refused to honor the price. No apologies, no offering to give me the discount since it is their mistake, nothing.

Best Duluth Internet Provider?

Since Charter just jacked up its rates for cable Internet from $35 to nearly $50/mo., I was wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a good high-speed internet provider that does not require a land-line phone. I need the service at my home for my laptop PC.

Styrofoam recycling in Duluth

I have a basement full of pieces of hard Styrofoam blocks in all shapes and sizes that I need to get rid of. I hate the stuff, but cannot bring myself to send it to the landfill, due to environmental concerns. I have six years’ worth of it and it is time to do something so I can reclaim the large area of my basement that is currently overrun by it. Does anyone know of anywhere local that I can bring this stuff where they can recycle or reuse it? I know shipping places take packing peanuts, but several have told me they do not take the larger pieces or blocks that come in the packaging of appliances. I thought I had heard something a few years ago about Lake Superior College having a recycling program for Styrofoam, but I have been unable to find any confirmation of this.

On a related note, I also have several very large pieces of cardboard (about 5’x3′) up for grabs. If anyone wants it let me know and you can pick it up in the Piedmont area.

Green Clothing Recycling Boxes Hurt Duluth-area Nonprofits

This is my first post on PDD, although I have been an avid fan and reader for quite some time.

I am posting today to inform the PDD community of an issue that concerns area nonprofits and people with disabilities. Like many of you, I have noticed these green clothing collection boxes all over town. I also wondered who was responsible for placing them and where the clothing and items donated were going. As the boxes declare, “Recycle Locally” and feature the United Cerebral Palsy foundation’s logo on one full face of the box, I assumed that the boxes were put out on behalf of a local CP nonprofit, in order to raise money for their cause. This, however, is not the case.