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Best Duluth Internet Provider?

Since Charter just jacked up its rates for cable Internet from $35 to nearly $50/mo., I was wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a good high-speed internet provider that does not require a land-line phone. I need the service at my home for my laptop PC.

Not sure if it Means Austin Only

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To: Austin area Web Professionals

From: Bill Cullifer, Executive Director – World Organization of Webmasters

Re: Call for Participation: Web Professional Interviews

The eleven year non-profit professional association WOW
( is seeking to interview a handful of area Web professionals for its series of blogs and websites. We are interested in knowing how life is today and how you manage your day. If you can spare 5-10 minutes please contact me at [email protected]

Also, if you’re in need with staying current on Web trends check out the Web Professional Minute podcast at

In return for your time we will send you a new Web book.



Bill Cullifer
Executive Director
World Organization of Webmasters (WOW)
[email protected]

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