The View from the View Restaurant


This is the final week to have lunch at the View Restaurant in Duluth’s Secondary Technical Center. The photo above is the view from my table last week. The View has kind of been one of Duluth’s little semi-secret treasures — the food is great, the prices are very affordable and the view is similar to the old Buena Vista Restaurant … but slightly to the west.

The restaurant is run by culinary arts instructor Glenn D’Amour, former chef at Grandma’s and Kamloops. Table service and food preparation is provided by Duluth high-school students in the culinary arts program.

Because the STC/Central campus will be closing as part of the Duluth School District’s Long-range Facilities Plan, the program and restaurant will be moving to East High School in the fall. No more view.

If you want to check it out, you need to call for a reservation, pre-order your food and be ready to be seated in the thin window of noon to 12:05 p.m. Reservations are taken at 218-336-8975 ext. 4054. The restaurant is open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday — then it’s done for the semester; and done completely at this location.




about 13 years ago

Judging from the menu, as a vegetarian I haven't been missing much. Or rather, anything at all - there is not one entree that isn't fixated around a slab of meat.


about 13 years ago

I was interested until I saw the pic of all the old people. Old people eat old people food, and I have no interest in soft chewing, easy-to-digest meals. At least, not until I am old, too.

Paul Lundgren

about 13 years ago

Yeah, every time I eat there I think, "Gosh, I sure wish this meal was more difficult to digest."

But seriously, the people who eat at the View tend to be older because it's not located next to places where people work, and there's no advertising budget. So the students who work there tell their grandmother to invite some friends out to lunch, then word gets around in the retirement crowd.

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