October 2010 Posts

Ghosts of Halloween Past

A pair of photos from the Boogieman Project — the NorShor Theatre’s Halloween party on Oct. 28, 2000.

Zombie! Zombie! Zombie!

Dracula will be playing live on the silk screen while Heavy J rocks your heads off. Zombie!


I’m just wondering if anyone else has noticed that there are no seagulls on the seagull island that is visible from the “high bridge.” There have been hundreds of them bobbing on the lake as well as along the pier of the high bridge.

Did someone do something to their nesting area? Just curious.

There’s a Thief Out There

My daughter, aged 12, loves Halloween. It’s always been her favorite holiday. Since she was a toddler, we’ve decorated our front porch and front yard for Halloween. This year, we went all out: we bought a larger-than- life-sized plastic skeleton for $40 from Target and hung it from a tree in our front yard, half a block up the hill from Chester Creek Cafe. This morning, my daughter and her father prepared to set up the coup de grace for our very cool front yard Halloween display: strobe lights.But they discovered that the skeleton had been stolen overnight. Who would be so low as to steal from a child, and destroy her Halloween display? My daughter is devastated, that someone would actually enter her yard and steal the skeleton she put up to celebrate the holiday. It was also something that would take some work to do, as it was hung from a tree pretty high up from the ground. How can such a thief live with himself or herself, knowing that they stole the skeleton they now own and are probably displaying in their dorm room or off-campus housing? This is the kind of vicious stunt perpetuated on local families that gives — rightly or wrongly — the students living in the neighborhoods near UMD a bad rap.

UPDATE: I closed the comments to this thread — and accidentally deleted an OP comment in doing so, but it was made by a troll so I’m not too bent out of shape about my inadvertent act of censorship. While many who both supported me *and* disagreed with me had intelligent and thoughtful things to say, it was obvious that the thread was being hijacked.

Duluth mentioned in film Trumbo

Dalton Trumbo was one of the “Hollywood Ten.” Duluth is mentioned in passing in the documentary Trumbo. And judging from his description of the weather he must have been here.

Duluth Halloween Parties in 2010

So, we were going to go to the Emerson party again this year, but we heard that it isn’t happening. We also heard the NorShor isn’t doing anything. So, that leaves us looking for something else. Any suggestions?

One night only!

Catch Look Mom No Head! covering the Cramps gravest hits  w/ members of the Keep Aways, DTs and Manheat!!!

Pizza Luce — Oct. 30

UMD journalism students countdown the Midterm election

Today the LakeVoice editing team presents its Election Guide 2010. The guide is designed to help Duluth citizens understand how the November vote affects their lives. It includes a rundown of the races, discussions with candidates and questions generated by community members themselves.

What’s your favorite Halloween costume?

I’m having trouble deciding what costume to wear this year. Anyone have any suggestions? What’s the best costume you’ve ever seen/dressed in?

PDD Poll: Campaign 2010

It’s been a few years since Perfect Duluth Day has conducted a poll, but with one of the most important races in Minnesota history being decided on Tuesday, it seems like now is a good time for it.

So …

Which candidate do you support for
South St. Louis County Soil and Water
Conservation Supervisor in District 5?

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IFP Cinema Lounge in Duluth

IFP Media Arts‘ hit screening series, Cinema Lounge, will showcase short films by Duluth-area filmmakers at 7PM on Friday, Nov. 5 at Duluth’s Zinema2 Theater. The filmmakers will be in attendance for a Q&A, hosted by award-winning director Stephen Gurewitz. The Zeitgeist Arts Café will host the post-screening party.

Last Market Day of the Season

This Saturday October 30 from 7am-Noon is the last day of the season for the Duluth Farmers Market. Bring the kids in costume and stop by, thank your local farmers for providing great fresh fruits and veggies over the summer. While your there support your local farmer and buy some squash, a pumpkin, or any other veggie still available….and dont forget the chocolate, maplesyrup, wild rice, and fish! 14th Ave E. and 3rd St.

Members Cooperative Credit Union

If you are a member of Members Cooperative Credit Union, please Facebook, call, or email them and ask to keep an office presence in the Duluth Hillside area. They have closed their Hillside office, due to building structural issues but have not mentioned any plans to relocate anywhere nearby.

memberservices @ membersccu.org or 1-218-625-8500
Please spread the word!

A few questions regarding sagging pants

In news out of Chaska: Some old guy was arrested for starting a fight with a younger dude over his sagging pants.

Question #1: Was “sagging” ever “in style”? Because rampant sagging has been going on for at least 15 years now. If this is a trend, shouldn’t it go away at some point?

Question #2: Although most people will generally concede that folks should be left alone to dress as they want, how acceptable should it be to be openly annoyed by saggers?

I’m Your Doctor

Lion or Gazelle released its second EP-thing today. I’m Your Doctor is streaming and available as a free download on the Bandcamp site.

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