Duluth Halloween Parties in 2010

So, we were going to go to the Emerson party again this year, but we heard that it isn’t happening. We also heard the NorShor isn’t doing anything. So, that leaves us looking for something else. Any suggestions?


Paul Lundgren

about 11 years ago

For Saturday night:

Rocky Horror Picture Show @ Playhouse
Evil Dead @ the Venue
Glass Elevator @ Red Star
Retribution Gospel Choir @ Norm's 
Rock Brigade & Surfactants @ R.T. Quinlan's

Paul Lundgren

about 11 years ago

Does anyone have any last-minute recommendations on some of the Halloween stuff that has been ongoing and continues on Halloween Day? 

Has anyone been on the Terror Twister Haunted Coaster Ride at Spirit Mountain?

How's the Haunted Ship this year?

I keep meaning to go to the Haunted Warehouse at Field Logic in Superior, but have never made it. That is already closed for the year and is not open on Halloween Day. Same deal with the Haunted Shack at the Morgan Park Community Center.


about 11 years ago

I heard the Haunted Ship is *excellent* this year, now that Channi the well-known actor in local productions has taken over running it. I hope I am able to check it out!

Rubber Chicken

about 11 years ago

"War of the Worlds", tonight at the Shack at 8pm.  We broadcast live for an hour on KUWS 91.3FM.  Come be a part of the studio audience and, for just five bucks, help us destroy the earth!

Bad Cat!

about 11 years ago

The Haunted Warehouse is excellent - definitely worth making a trip out there next year!

The Haunted Ship is excellent? That would be the first time in a decade it'd be worth doing.


about 11 years ago

I was very disappointed in the Haunted Ship this year. It seemed very understaffed, and there was very little creativity. Their main way of causing fright was to jump out and say "Boo." Really, that was about it. 

Last year, there were a lot a creatively scary rooms and "situations." Not this year. 

Not worth $10.


about 11 years ago

I felt this year the Haunted Ship went from trying to scare you (not often successfully), to trying to be a theatre production with a plot line ect.  I felt much better paying the 25 dollars to see Evil Dead knowing it was a show, than paying 10 dollars for the Haunted Ship and only getting a show, not getting an attempted fright fest.


about 11 years ago

Did anyone else make it out to the Haunted Shack in Morgan Park? I only got to stop by once after it was closed and got a tour by the Chief Ghoul... I thought it was great and would have been SUPER scary with actors in the scenes and the lights out. I'd love to hear feedback on it so I can pass it on to Pat and help them to improve for next year.

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