October 2010 Posts

Vote for Local Theater in Oeuvre Awards

Oeuvre Magazine Theater Awards Official Ballot

While we’re doing all this voting, vote in this too!

The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony Nov. 14 at Northland Country Club. The voting system will hopefully not allow you to vote more than once. Voting closes on Sunday, Nov. 7, at midnight. Good luck to all the nominees!

Halloween banners

If you’ve got fabulous Halloween photos, it’s Halloween banner time. But hurry, ‘cuz I shoulda had this call out a couple weeks ago. We’ll start putting the Halloween banners up as soon as we get enough to rotate.

Halloween banners must follow the same guidelines as the other banners. Basically, the photos have to be cropped to 960 pixels wide by 167 pixels high. The Perfect Duluth Day logo will be added by PDD’s art department.

Send to [email protected]

Spirit Lake Poetry Series reading coming up

On November 13, Jude Nutter and Thomas R. Smith will read at Somers Lounge, CSS, for free.  7:30 pm.  

Jude won last year’s MN Book Award in poetry with a terrific book called I Wish I Had a Heart Like Yours, Walt Whitman. She was raised on the grounds of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Germany, and the poems in this book concern some of that experience.  

Also reading is Thomas R. Smith, who has a brand new book from Red Dragonfly Press called The Foot of the Rainbow.  Don’t miss this reading — it’ll be great.  Oh, and Spirit Lake now has a website: spiritlakepoetry.wordpress.com.

Sample Ballot for Duluth, St. Louis County, Minnesota 2010 General Election

This sample ballot is for House District 7B, so, depending on where you live, it might include some stuff you won’t get to vote on (like State Rep for 7B or State Senator for 7) and might not include some stuff you will get to vote on (like State Rep for 7A or 6B, or the big race for District 1 County Commissioner). So heads up on that.

Sample Ballot for Superior, Douglas County, Wisconsin 2010 General Election

Here it is, a sample ballot so all the folks in Douglas County can practice at home.

Howl-O-Ween at Hartley Nature Center

Independence of Duluth News Tribune Political Endorsements

The recent DNT endorsement of Chip Cravaack, a conservative Republican who enjoys a lot of Tea Party support, made me want to tap the PDD community for information and discussion of the DNT endorsements over the years. The Fargo-based, private company Forum Communications became owner of the DNT in 2006. Since then, the DNT and the many other Forum newspapers overwhelmingly tend to endorse conservatives and Republicans as a bloc.

The Return of Glass Elevator

Glass Elevator Flyer

Glass Elevator plays around Midnight. DJ sets by DJ Focus and David Stromdahl all night 9-2. No Cover!

Loup-Garou & Excuse Me, Princess at Amazing Grace

show flier for Oct 29

This Friday the 29th, treat yourself to some home-cooked and tasty tunes at the Amazing Grace Bakery and Cafe!

Loup-Garou and Excuse Me, Princess will be taking stage at 8pm to jam the jams you know and love as well as the ditties that will get stuck in your head once you hear them. Best part of it all – it’s completely FREE!

So if you didn’t get a ticket to Mumford and Sons but still want to feel like you’re doing something productive on a Friday night, come have a sandwich, coffee, tea, or some delectable cake while watching two of Duluth’s music-making conglomerates.

Duluth Lakewalk extension open

The newest Lakewalk section — between 47th and 60th avenues east — is open. Any reviews?

“Tradition”: Fiddler on the Roof, Jr. at the Duluth Playhouse

I had the opportunity to attend a performance of this charming production on opening night.  A talented group of young actors and a kid-friendly run time (just over an hour) truly make this an event for the entire family (not to mention a great way to introduce a younger generation to a well-loved musical!).

Hail of bullets:

  • What: Fiddler on the Roof, Jr.
  • Where: The Duluth Playhouse
  • When: October 22-31 (Thursdays and Fridays at 7 p.m., Saturdays at 1 and 4 p.m., Sundays at 2 p.m).

Duluth in the 1970s

There’s now a Facebook page for 1970s-era Duluth nostalgia.

I know it’s not the Twins but …

Bases loaded.

At least it’s not the Yankees. I’ve waited 39 years for this. Dad would be proud.

Monahan Brothers Make it to D.C.!!

Remember back in May!?!?! Well, 3,100 miles later, the old guys made it! This photo was taken at the Lincoln Memorial on Wednesday, where organizers from movetoamend.org unfurled a ginormous (20×100 ft.) preamble to the Constitution for people to sign. It was quite a display, both visually and emotionally (I’m pretty proud of my pops). The crowd was receptive and security was … cooperative. Pics from the action made it into USA Today and the Washington Post. Anyway, what a day! If this is inspiring at all, consider signing the motion at movetoamend.org. If you’re curious, here are the rest of the pics from my epic political activism adventure:

SmugMug: Monahan Brothers in DC 10-2010

Duluth’s “Union Block” and its Tenants


The two buildings on the corner of First Avenue West and Fourth Street are known as the “Union Block,” though that name probably hasn’t been used much in the past 50 years.