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Where to find fresh fish in Duluth

My wife and I are new to Duluth and I’m looking for the best place to purchase fresh fish for Easter. I haven’t a clue where to start. Help please.

UMD Ticketing

I’m newish to town and still trying to figure out regulations. Can I get some advice here?

I live on Grandview Ave, down by Eighth Street. You don’t need a college permit to park there. I forgot to switch sides yesterday. My fault. I screwed up. Normally I remember. I saw the ticket on my car and was prepared to pay my fine to the city of Duluth.

Instead, it said UMD Parking Services. I called UMD Police to say that I am not in a “Permit” zone, so why were their police ticketing me. She stated that “sometimes the UMD Police do go to streets nearby to look for infractions.” Nothing against her, she was very nice on the phone and this isn’t about her, she was just doing her job.

Shouldn’t there be a clearly marked zone for where UMD can ticket, like the permit areas? Can UMD ticket anywhere they feel is close enough. Is Fourth street close enough? What’s the line?

Again, I messed up and forgot. Had the ticket said city of Duluth, I would be mailing the check today.

What are your thoughts on this one? It kind of irks me that they can ticket what they deem is close enough.

Eastridge Rummage Sale

This Saturday, Aug. 13, from 9am – 2pm Eastridge Community Church will be hosting a rummage sale to help support our Youth Ministry. The Youth do a lot of things around town and Eastridge wants to support their efforts and help these kids out.

Items in the sale — a lot of antique furniture, a big old fancy altar/communion table, bed frames, dressers, kids toys, roof snow shovels, baby toys/clothes, movies, CDs, dresses, tools, tables, chairs, etc.

A lot of stuff, so please come on out and make some offers to help out some kids!

3727 W. Arrowhead Road, Duluth MN 55811

Fire-N-Ice Bowl

Sunday, Feb. 6, from 12-2pm
3727 W. Arrowhead Road. Duluth

Eastridge Community Church will be hosting its first annual Fire-N-Ice Bowl. We will be having a chili cook off (over 15 styles), hot chocolate and other refreshments along with free ice skating at our rink, sledding on the luge, snowshoeing (snowshoes provided by Hartley Nature Center).

All is free and open to the entire community; come on out! It’s February, it’s cold, let’s have some fun.

Trunk or Treat @ Eastridge Church

Saturday, Oct. 23, 3-6 pm
Eastridge Community Church
3727 W. Arrowhead Road, Duluth

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