Where to find fresh fish in Duluth

My wife and I are new to Duluth and I’m looking for the best place to purchase fresh fish for Easter. I haven’t a clue where to start. Help please.



about 11 years ago

We eat a lot of fish and always buy it at the grocery store at Mt. Royal. They have a nice selection and it's fresh. Love the Rogotze salmon on sale there!


about 11 years ago

I also recommend Mt.Royal. Great selection and everything seems very fresh.


about 11 years ago

Super One has had some beautiful pieces of fish, too, so I wouldn't discount them. It probably all comes from the same places, anyway.

Barrett Chase

about 11 years ago

Feel free to educate me on this, but isn't all "fresh" fish originally flash-frozen fish that's thawed at the supermarket or restaurant?


about 11 years ago

Northern Waters Smokehaus in the Dewitz-Seitz marketplace in Canal Park. Or if you're up for a drive to Knife River there's of course Kendall's.


about 11 years ago

Old World Meats usually has Lake Superior whitefish, salmon (wild Alaskan when available), lake trout, and cod.  I look up seafood at seafoodwatch.org before purchasing.


about 11 years ago

Second Mount Royal and Old Home.  They do seem to have the freshest fresh fish and keep it on ice, which is the proper way (as opposed to what Cub does).


about 11 years ago

When I am looking for fresh and Lake Superior fish I always plan on a scenic road trip to Cornucopia to Halvorson Fisheries.  This time of year not sure how much they are getting out on the lake but give them a call.


about 11 years ago

Beatstomper: by definition, the fish at Northern Waters Smokehaus and Kendalls are not "fresh" -- they are smoked. Delicious, and local, but not "fresh."


about 11 years ago

Awesome. Thanks for the tips, will probably check out Mt. Royal, and start there.


about 11 years ago

Howard's is non-existant for all intents and purposes. Don't think he has ever really had anything in his shop. 

As far as local fish, not much coming out of the lake locally, though may be active fishing going on on the South Shore (Halvorson's). The north shore fishery is more active at other times of year. 

Rogotzke's salmon is great -- we order a box every year.


about 11 years ago

Unfortunately, there is very little commercial fishing allowed on the big lake so any salmon you come across in a store is going to be Alaskan. That is not a bad thing, it is just not the same as eating something from the ol' Gichigami.

I have to third Mount Royal, as it has the best selection. Old World Meats has good quality, but the selection is limited. 

Other than that, there is not much for "fresh" fish here in town unless you catch it yourself.

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